All hail the Queen (& Friday Links)

Josh Cole, BBC Head of Comedy, uploaded this photo of Phoebe Waller-Bridge after she won all the Emmy’s, with the caption “all hail the queen.” And while smoking is still the worst, I’m joining the masses to say—I love it. What a moment! It of course reminds one (and was inspired by) Terry O’Neill’s iconic Faye Dunaway “Oscar Ennui“—only that one is the morning after.

I, too, might have raised a glass or two with a nod to this week’s other big news—high crimes and misdemeanors (let’s call it accountability?)—but that, too, has also carries a risk of hangover ennui (and concern), doesn’t it? Who knows what’s in store for us all?

Any fun plans for the weekend? Saturday is the Village Feast in Davis—a Grand Aïoli-style fundraiser lunch to benefit our farm-to-school programs. It’s also a soccer day and a friend’s 40th birthday celebration, so no doubt Sunday will be slower.

Hope you enjoy yours! Some links… 

The fastest way to board an airplane. If only.

Bravo on the new series, A Cup of Jo!

Give kids the tools to grapple with tough topics.

One-third carb and 70% stuff

Fleabag got a boost with a Kickstarter! “A story of a human. Who happens to have a vagina.”

Liberal arts majors collectively breathe out. 

Lift weigh, not too much.

A good sale for buying that winter coat you’ve been coveting. (Or a bathingsuit, if you’re so lucky.)

This better be true, because it made me cry. Also, I hope someone is being kind to her son right now.

Finally read this! I loved it, too!

This is not a deep state. This is American democracy.

Here’s the story, just in case. And here’s a copy of the complaint to read yourself.

These are the people in the whistleblower complaint. And annotations by CNN to explain what’s in it.

[Photo of Phoebe Waller-Bridge after she won three Emmy Awards for Fleabag / by Josh Cole]


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