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It’s been a minute. I’ve been saving up some links for a while, but lately I get so distracted when I start scrolling that I run out of time to actually share! Let’s see… catching up… summer was very full of travel and family. I posted photos on Instagram, if you’d like to see. The kids had a few camps, but not as many as in past years. Hudson started sixth grade and Skyler, third—which means it will be their last year in elementary together and one of their last years at the same school together for a long while. It’s hard to believe!

My birthday was last week and I’ve been extending the celebration as long as possible. Aron and I spent a day in Marin County to celebrate—shopping and lunch at the Marin Country Mart and then a hike from the redwoods down to the beach and back! Tomorrow starts with a soccer game, and we had planned a boat ride with friends for Sunday, but it looks like it might rain—which is good news for the fire being battled nearby, so I won’t complain. We need any rain we can get! Still, it’s a bit funny because this boat outing was cancelled the past two years due to smoke and fires. It’s just not in the cards.

Recently, we started construction on our carport—it is being turned into a garage. And I’m currently in the midst of debating the merits of several shades of white paint samples that I keep moving from shade to sun and back again. It’s remarkably difficult to commit! So that’s likely going to continue through the weekend as well.

We finished Better Call Saul and finished re-watching Breaking Bad (which got very confusing as we did so at the same time as they were releasing the last season of Saul). And we’ve just started the new show Bad Sisters on Apple. I’m loving it so far. Everything Sharon Horgan touches is amazing.

Any fun plans? What is everyone else watching?

Some links I bookmarked…

I was interviewed by Molly and Emily for their newsletter, The Learning Curve. Check it out if you’re interested—they put out some wonderful stories!

So inspired by Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, who signed over his $3 billion-dollar-company’s ownership to two trusts to ensure its missions are upheld: “We’re making Earth our only shareholder.” Makes me want to prioritize buying Patagonia products.

These shadow illustrations are incredible. So creative! Could be a fun challenge to try with kids.

California is the first state to provide free meals to all school children.

I’ve been seeing all of the internet buzz about recreating Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Nails and have a one-and-done dupe to recommend: Illuminating Nail Concealer by Kur.

Such a lovely mix of wood and greenery in this  home tour.

Great list of SF restaurant picks! Need to visit the city more!

Brilliant! Can’t wait to try pan-frying my bread with curry to make this sandwich.

Molly Baz has cork in her house, too! Love that backyard!

Wishlisted kicks.

Love these checkerboard sheets. Seems like a fun way to engage with the trend.

This essay on Nora Ephron is on my to-read list this weekend.

With school back in session and both kids needing more time on computers, we have been reminded to check the parental control settings on devices. I found this guide, but I’m also curious whether anyone has been very happy with the whole-house devices like Circle?

Can vouch for these little soft skater dresses—twirly and durable. And half off right now.

Got a lot of questions about my purse/fanny pack I used in Spain—it’s just back in stock.

My luggage was lost for our entire stay there, so I had to buy just about everything anew (here’s what I chose). I discovered two La Roche-Posay products that I LOVE: the tinted face sunscreen and their family-sized spray bottle. The latter makes applying sunscreen to kids’ legs so much easier but isn’t that awful aerosol stuff that flies into the wind. The sprayer works so well—better than any other I’ve used! Unfortunately, I don’t see it on their site, but here’s another link.

[Photo by Laure Joliet from the Domino/Molly Baz house tour]

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