Happy Summer Vacation!

We’ve officially begun our summer break—with all the hours in the pool and slices of watermelon that a 106-degree-high first day off requires. Hudson played pickleball, and went to see Top Gun Maverick for a third time; Skyler came up with swim routines and listened to the soundtrack from Zombies 2 on repeat. In between serving up many (many) snacks and inflating a plastic, floating unicorn, Aron and I packed for Spain. Correction, I over-packed for Spain when I’ll probably wear the same track pant I’ve been wearing for years most days. The kids will go to a birthday party in the morning and I can try to pull some stuff back out at that time. Then, hopefully we’ll all sleep well on a red-eye to Barcelona tomorrow night. (Any and all last-minute tips for Catalonia are welcome!)

The past few weeks, national heartaches, baseball playoffs, school field trips and end-of-year such-and-such (oh, and some COVID) have us looking forward to summer’s change of pace. Somehow, however, even with the longer nights, I don’t expect it will feel much slower. The kids have lots of fun camps on the horizon and we have a few other family trips to look forward to.

I’d like to try writing up a travelogue again at some point soon, but in the case that I do as I should and keep the computer mostly away, I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful summer!

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