Celebration weekend! (& Friday Links)

It’s a very special weekend—for so many reasons! Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and we are looking forward to celebrating our own mothers! Of course I also especially look forward to getting a little bit of celebration myself—and will be spending the day with the three loves who were involved in that for me. This Mother’s Day also happens to be our wedding anniversary (12 years), but we got a chance to celebrate that a bit early, last weekend. It is also my dad’s birthday on Saturday, and we’re all going out for tacos! And then, somewhere in there, we’re also hosting Hudson’s little league team and their families for a pool party! There’s a lot going on—but all good things.

What are your plans for the weekend? If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, what will that hopefully look like?

Hope everyone has a happy weekend! If you’re in the mood, some links of note…

Summer vibes. We have one of the photographs in our home—I’m really drawn to these water scenes.

How to delete something from your Netflix history. Hooray—so my kids can stop being reminded they got to watch Miraculous that one time.

Royal baby Archie is here.

I’m usually not a proponent of single-purpose kitchen items, but I got a berry bowl and haven’t looked back. This one is pretty!

More reasons to visit Los Angeles with friends. (P.S. All the L.A. Travelogues)

I will make this one day this summer.

My Modern Met has been sharing some of the redesign proposals for the Notre Dame spire and roof.

Hand-painted florals throughout the house.

Fun fact: Bob Ross made all of his painting shows for free!

Sweet earrings!

You may have noticed I have a thing for white dresses. Love this one from Aritzia. (Markle is reportedly a brand fan.)

Also, in the spirit of anniversaries, two more: this one and this one.

Barack’s recent nightstand picks.

In fact, The Moment of Lift would make a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift.

“Consumers actually care more about how their stuff is discarded, than how it is manufactured.”

How what you eat matters for climate change.

Also, 15 inspiring spring recipes.

Thousands remain separated from their children since the zero-tolerance policy was enacted one year ago.

But is this actually the crisis? There have been so many. How can we tell? ”

The texts that one mother received during the most recent school shooting.

I have the biggest lump in my throat thinking that I can repeat, verbatim, one of the lines from last Friday’s link list:

This brave student sacrificed his life to save others during the shooting. When do the rest of us take action!?”

I only had to swap out the link. It’s so horrifying.

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