Mexico City (& Friday Links)


Hudson’s last day of school was yesterday! I take photos (this year and last year) on his last day, and Skyler was so cute trying to get in on the action.

And we’re flying to Mexico City this weekend! There’s a direct flight out of Sacramento. I’ve been collecting some recommendations on Instagram, and my friend Miroslava sent me the most amazing list of places. But I’m always all ears!

We’re crossing our fingers for some clear skies, but it looks like we’ll be getting a bit wet. So any weather-related tips are equally welcome.

[Pictured: photo by Alanna Hale in the Garrett Leight Spectacle No. 5]

Here are some links that may be of interest this weekend…

This children’s book would make a cute gift for a new dad.

And this young adult book sounds like something I’d like to read.

Very curious about this bug repellant, via Momfilter.

Bill Murray is already in one of my favorite Christmas programs of all time. Will this make two?!

I love Gwyneth. You know that. But this was amusing. Via Kotke

We’re getting Skyler her own seat for a flight for the first time. Here are some other things that make traveling with little ones easier.

(Though maybe what I really need is this.)

Gilmore Girls reunion?! (I’m a fan.)

Interesting perspective on weaning, via New York Magazine. 

Old Navy is looking very good lately. (This denim-and-casual-slides mix feels a lot like Madewell.)

I don’t want to think about what’s on my three-year-old’s hands.

We’re thinking of moving Hudson into a big-boy-bed (here’s his current set-up). When did you go to a twin? And any favorites?

What shows are you looking forward to this summer? This sounds intriguing! (Which reminds me, thank you for the wonderful comments on Monday’s post!)

Netflix is going to produce Green Eggs and Ham, which lead Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content, to say: “We think this will be a hit / Green Eggs and Ham is a perfect fit / for our growing slate of amazing stories / available exclusively in all Netflix territories. / You can stream it on a phone. / You can stream it on your own./ You can stream it on TV./ You can stream it globally.” Very clever.

And, finally, this YouTube video is completely awesome (and beautiful, too).

Have a great weekend! New post on Monday!

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