The Weekly Digest

Cheers to the weekend! I’m ready for it! Between the coronavirus news, the run up to Super Tuesday, and all of our own family business, there’s a lot going on!

I have a few links to share this week, but I’d love to hear about any stories—or good laughs—you’ve found on the Internet lately, too.

“You’re likely to get the coronavirus.” (Doesn’t help that there are UCD students in quarantine right now.)

What an outbreak would mean for U.S. schools.

Should you trust your gut?

Have you watched the viral Girls, girls, girls video?

Really enjoyed this Warren deep dig.

While we’re on the topic. (I’m a fan.)

Will Stacey Abrams be a candidate by 2040? (I haven’t listened yet, but Aron suggests I do.)

Do I need to watch Love is Blind?

Wish I could go! 

Facials all over the world. 

Spotted this looking so pretty on a friend.

What happens when a company raises the minimum wage to $70K/year?

Loved this Nancy Meyers essay.

Can’t wait to check out this cookbook.

[Photo from The Dirt]

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