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TGIF. What a week! Again.

Between following the second impeachment and thinking through all the implications of barring a president from posting online, I’ve continued to be distracted by news. There continues to be plenty of reason for gloom and doom this week (e.g. NASA confirms 2020 was the hottest year on record in a warming trend; only 10 Republicans joined the call to impeach; White supremacists are threatening violence at the inauguration—read this for more on the ever-updating and disturbing insurrection details; thousands of people are dying—especially people of color—from COVID every day; and so on), but I think I’m going to step away from the headlines for a bit and post some non-newsy links this week.

Here are some items that came into the house over the holidays and which have been making me smile, as well as a few other items of note…

I love wearing this Fauci “Gucci” sweatshirt and getting friendly comments on walks around town.

Skyler loves her new solar-powered rainbow maker that announces the start of every sunny day with rainbows on the ceiling.

Aron asked for help with organizing our garage for Christmas, and I hired a professional organizer off Task Rabbit to come for the day. It was like a gift to me, too! (Here’s a $10-off try code, if you’d like to look for someone in your area.)

One of my favorite gifts he got me is an Ember Mug. I wasn’t sure how much I’d appreciate having my coffee stay hot for longer than usual, but it has been incredible. It’s the perfect temperature (140F for me) no matter whether I forget about it while setting up the kids’ distance learning or not.

And from my parents, I’m really loving this “chopping” bowl for making chopped salads.

Aron got his second dose of vaccine! (I can’t wait for our parents to get theirs!!)

This Elta tinted sunscreen is as good as you’d all told me for years in the comments section of posts on sunscreen. The Halyuronic acid does seem to make my skin look better and the tint just keeps it from being pasty. It blends perfectly. I’m being extra good about my new morning routine: wash face, apply antioxidant serum and sunscreen.

Bicycles boomed in 2020. via BBC

Sally Rooney (Conversations with Friends and Normal People) has a new book coming out! via Vulture

I’ve started wearing jeans again (partly inspired by all the denim in the Jenna Lyons show) and realized I’d missed them! Still love my old Madewell straight legs (similar?), Levi wedgies, and now a fan of Agolde Riley. Here’s a post about finding a flattering fit.

I needed to remove my office shelves, but just got new ones and a new desk built in their place (maybe I’ll finally stray once more from my weekly digest to make a post about it)

There’s a new epidsode of Reply All, finally!

Sweet sheets for Skyler? Flowers, but not over-the-top.

Betty White turns 99! 

I’m watching an older show called The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce to motivate me to walk on the treadmill.

Apparently this rug is The Rug. via The New York Times

Sipping hot cups of 100% Ginger from Trader Joe’s.

Reading The Atlantic‘s How to build a life column

The photos of this Los Angeles home are a breath of fresh air. via Coveteur 

Madewell is having a “Secret Stock” sale and there’s some good stuff. (Limited sizes but lots of cute sweaters and coats—and these booties.)

One of my favorite Disney movies is getting a sequel. via Glamour (Still can’t believe Idina Menzel is in the original and doesn’t sing!)

Such a nice story: When you’re surrounded by little people whose teeth just fall out, you need to know how to reach the tooth fairy.

This Find Satoshi puzzle story is pretty incredible! Via Kottke

Made me laugh. A course syllabus for making friends as an adult. via The New Yorker

And, as we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, here are some reads I’ve especially appreciated:

Martin Luther King Jr. was more radical than we remember. “This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we would do his memory justice by honoring all of his legacy. Not just the parts that make white Americans comfortable.”

On being more than just nice. “The default of the current system is the reproduction of racial inequality. To continue reproducing racial inequality, the system only needs for white people to be really nice and carry on.”

The Other Talk,” on one woman’s experience being prepared for being black in America.

Finally, if you’re looking for books on social justice to read with children, we came up with this list in the past.

[Photo: Denim on denim from Sézane]




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