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How’s everyone doing? I keep trying to offer myself phrases like “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” in moments of positivity, and then I mutter under my breath “only I’m not an f’ing runner and I’ve never attempted a marathon,” so [throws hands up].

A friend asked me how I handle the anxiety of Aron going off to work at the hospital every day, and it’s one of the times this whole suddenly-responsible-for-all-of-my-children’s-education bit has a silver lining. Who has time to worry about him? (Kidding, kidding.)

“We’re surviving,” is the sort of platitude I might usually offer in this sort of duress. But that feels a little too on the nose when the matter might literally involve life and death. But, honestly, “we’re surviving,” is also the thing that also helps put all of this into perspective. Whatever business losses are scaring me, whatever frustrations I feel about being thrown into this role, I’m grateful every day that we’re surviving—especially as I brace myself for all of this to get much worse before it gets better.

Still, don’t worry—I won’t go full Pollyanna on you if you want to gripe together. I’m as overwhelmed by all of the homeschool resources being emailed my way and as daunted by the days ahead as any one! California is on lockdown and schools are likely out through fall. I’ve sort of been pretending we’re on spring break this week, just the three of us, and we’re going to figure it out after the recess… some time next week. I figure, by that time, you all will have done the heavy lifting and can tell me exactly what to do, right?

In the meantime, some links…

“Take heart: you are not the only person experiencing what you are going through. But be mindful: not everyone is having the same experience you are. Ultimately though, we are all in this together.” What some people are going through.

A nice mention of The Dirt in my local newspaper (very end of the article).

Are we all watching Mac Barnett read picture books together? It’s sort of incredible to me that no one was really doing this until now! It’s like we’ve brought Mister Rogers back, using social media for this kind of content. (In the same vein, it reminds me of the old days of blogging where the pleasure was in seeing how people lived in a more diary-style format.)

We also are enjoying Oliver Jeffers‘ story times and Mo Willems‘ doodle lunches. I wonder how many kids will have these creative fields opened to them by these videos. And in a world where most elementary teachers are women, it’s a refreshing change.

I also have Jeffers to thank for this gem: the best obstacle course.

Liz Stanley started a mentoring retreat called The Huddle last year and has taken the business support meetups online. I joined a Zoom meeting about how to pivot your brand’s messaging in light of Covid-19 and it was really inspiring!

Aquariums and Zoos Sharing Live Videos of Animals (I also wrote about the Explore Web Cams a few years ago and just rediscovered them. Some zebras in South Africa had me transfixed last night.)

Haven’t gone on any yet but bookmarking: virtual museum tours.

Voting in the time of the Coronavirus.

Interchangeable ingredients. 

A big list of podcasts for little kids.

I was planning on seeing Emma just before it was a bad idea to go to a movie theater. It’s on demand, now.

I’ve picked up so many new games this last week. Going to try this younger version of Ticket to Ride with Skyler. I’ll try to put together a list of new favorites soon, but here was my list of faves from a couple of years ago.

Someone just told me about Jimmy Fallon’s broadcasts from home. Love, around minute 15, when he’s about to start playing the guitar with Jennifer Garner (on sax) and his kid interrupts. We’re all there!

Queen Margrethe making hats. Love it!

A nice playlist to put on in the background.

Read this aloud and laugh together.

Our bookclub’s current pick is the perfect light read for right now.

What are you enjoying of late?

And P.S. To those of you with just one kid? Oh my goodness—stay strong! More than one is crazy, but at least they entertain each other. I feel for you.

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