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We made these “pan-banging” ginger-molasses cookies from The Vanilla Bean Blog the other day and I’ve been slowly finishing them off myself, rather than sharing. They’re so good! I might even up the ginger a touch to make them a bit more spicy, but they have a nice little kick—along with a lot of butter. Some might find them a little salty, but I’m a salt-addict, so… I love them. Perfectly salty and sweet. Next I need to decide on a dessert to make for Christmas Eve. I was thinking I’d like to try the cranberry tart that was in Cook’s Illustrated around Thanksgiving (supposedly a close cousin to a Key Lime Pie), but it’s tempting to make this Yule Log Cake again. The kids just have so much fun with the decorating!

Our plan is stop by my parents’ house on Christmas Eve and Aron’s parents’ on Christmas Day, but to stay outside again to make sure everyone stays safe. I know it must be so much harder in places it is very cold, and I think of you all often. Sending warm thoughts.

Speaking of which, I just saw that New York got its first big snow of the season and I just happened to come across this photo from one of our first storms when we lived there.

I was going through old photos looking for some to make this post on Instagram. Aron and I just crossed that threshold of knowing each other for more of our lives than not, and we just marked twenty years together this month! It’s hard to believe it has been that long.

Has everyone finished holiday shopping? I think we’re nearly there. I felt a bit behind on it all this year (no surprise there). Our holiday card is set to arrive (to us!) on December 24, if that’s any indication. And I’m sorry the gift guides never came this year. However, today I went through and added about 25 favorites to the SHOP tab. I’m always hopeful that the entire shop will prove inspiring—especially for sourcing similar items in your own local stores. I know our downtown needs us, and I’m sure yours needs you, too. The same goes for these gift guides.

We finished The Queen’s Gambit last night. (It was so wonderful! I’m going to miss Beth Harmon.) Hudson is obsessed with chess right now (he offered to play chess for a talent show the other day), while Skyler is listening to Oh Hanukkah on repeat. We’re wrapping up school and watching lots of holiday movies and rounding out the advent calendar with crafts and candy. Tonight we all go over to our quarantine-pod friends’ home where we’ll zoom together with other friends for our annual Harp and Beer party. What are you up to lately?

Some links of note…

The first vaccines are here! (There are even some doses at Aron’s hospital!)

Biden announces his interior secretary pick is Deb Haaland (she will be the first Native American in charge of federal lands!)

The New York Times’ Year in Pictures feature is something I’m looking forward to taking some time with.

“Madame First Lady—Mrs. Biden—Jill—kiddo,” the piece begins. “Any chance you might drop the ‘Dr.’ before your name? ‘”

Tom Cruise gets mad on set for good reasons… but it’s not a good look.

How to self-rescue if you fall through ice. Aren’t we all wanting to know things like this? And how to get out of quicksand?

I did pretty well covering Obama’s list of favorite TV shows, but haven’t seen a single one of these movies! (Or very many this year, period.)

Love this sweet necklace. Seems like it would make a nice gift for lots of ages.

Bittersweet potatoes and other appropriate recipes for the 2020 holidays.

Re-visiting my favorite recent binge with the Stylish blog. I’m really loving this show. It makes me want to shop my closet… even with no where to go.

I just got a desk-upgrade and am virtually circling all of the CB2 office accessories. (Here’s an older office post I’m also returning to for inspiration.) I’ll try to take some photos in the new year.

Have a great weekend! Here’s a link to the Shop update.

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