My Resolution: Raise a Glass (of Water!)

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I’ve noticed that mine are often really about forming new habits. There is one in particular I really want to stick with in 2020: drinking more water!

Aron and I just listened to a Hidden Brain podcast all about reducing the “friction” (obstacles) to making good choices become habits—placing bright, colorful fruits and vegetables out on the table, and sliced or otherwise at-the-ready in the fridge, for example. A cold pitcher of water (and, okay, maybe some cans of La Croix) front-and-center.

Of all the habits I’d like to form, starting the day with a glass of water really should be so simple.

Have you heard that thirst and hunger cues are actually the same? I sometimes open the refrigerator door with neither cue (prompted more by restlessness or ritual), but there are many times I would be satisfied by a glass of water when I have instead grabbed a snack. In fact, a friend once told me that she drinks a glass of water before ordering at a restaurant or going grocery shopping—to try and keep from making decisions she’ll later regret.

And I’ve noticed that when we bring home oranges or berries home, we all reach for them first. I want that to be my relationship with drinking more water.

Some tips I’ll plan to use…

⋅ Keep your water close by. I have found that I am 100% more likely to drink water (sometimes even mindlessly) if my cup or bottle is sitting right next to me.

⋅ Get a new reusable bottle to take everywhere! Same logic as above, and it keeps you from having to buy one-time use plastic water bottles that hurt our planet. Brita makes one with a built-in filter, so that you can refill anywhere on the go. MIRA has really cute ones in many colors that keep your water cold up to 12 hours. I’ve learned that I really like the straw-lid on a Thermaflask.

⋅ Make it look appealing! Choose a pretty water carafe, and add some berries, lemon, mint or even some cucumbers. It will look good, and that’s no small thing when you’re trying to start a habit—something I learned here.

⋅ Change it up; you can drink water in many different ways including hot (or cold) tea. Lipton now sells cold-brew Iced Tea Bags (designed for cold water). That could be a quick and easy way to make your water more flavorful, without adding any sugar.

⋅ Give it a cue. Mix it in with other, already established habits–like brushing your teeth or driving to work. If you already have some routines in place, it can be easier to add something as a step to that routine than it is to create a new one. I’m going to try and drink a glass of water every time I push the brew button on the coffee maker.

I remember reading an article in a beauty magazine about secret weapons, years ago—the ultimate hairbrush, the lipstick that gives you fuller lips, the anti-aging creams—and what really struck a chord was when one doctor (a dermatologist, I believe) said something to the effect of everyone is always looking for that one magic thing, and spending so much money to find it, when it already exists: “water.” “And,” she added, “sunscreen.”

Virtually every article I’ve read on the topics of health or beauty since has reminded me that I need to be more vigilant about my consumption. (Plus, this feels like an easier resolution to keep than, say, going to the gym every day.)

How about you? What’s the habit you’d most like to form? 

P.S. We have roughly 25,000 mornings in our adult lives. A post discussing my morning routine, just after having a baby.

Also, if you prefer filtered-water, some top pitcher options include the Brita Pitcher, SomaAquaBliss, WaterDrop, Invigorated Water, and Pur. You can also get water filters installed directly on your tap. Some brands that offer this are ESOW, Brita, and PUR.

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