Wide-leg wisdom (& Friday Links)

I was reading an interview with Jesse Kamm in Apiece Apart and wondering why no one else seems to get the length in the wide leg crops quite right. Soon after, multiple people, including a stylist friend, told me that if you get the Madewell wide-leg crops in Tall, they fit like Jesse Kamm pants. Such a genius tip!

I want to try it with the denim, too! My guess is you should size down, because you want them super fitted at top and Madewell tends to stretch a bit. Has anyone else tried it?

Of course, it’s not exactly the season to be shopping for oneself. Have you checked everything off your shopping or to-make list for gifts? I think I’m nearly there, but I need to sit down this weekend and be sure. Also in the cards for this weekend: breakfast with Santa, our friends’ annual Harp & Beer party, a brass concert at the Mondavi Center, and a fancy-grownup-holiday-party! And I’m going to add eggnog to the list… there’s been far too little eggnog this December!

What are you looking forward to?

Some links of note in the meantime… 

Really enjoyed sitting down with this interview. Julia-Louis Dreyfus in the New Yorker. (Pairs nicely with episodes of Mrs. Maisel, btw.)

I was just thinking that I wanted to find a good, simple turtleneck and then Leandra Medine wrote that this under-$30 one is her favorite. Sold!

I’d like to find one great recipe-book of InstaPot for our family to try out, but in the meantime I’ll be trying this!

I love the use of bougainvillea in a wreath!

These are pastel drawings! Can you believe it? (I would love to see this one in person.)

Spotted this on SF Girl: Look at those dreamy windows! 

Holiday decorating inspiration, if you haven’t gotten to it yet.

“When in doubt, just put up more twinkle lights.”

Sweet little message necklaces (made with sisters in mind, but could be for friends). Also love this little bracelet pairing.

How to travel with liquid skin care.

What a fun tshirt.

Love this caption, love the show of strength! Wow.

When your mom is the Tiger Mother. (Charming!)

Looking forward to reading this article over the weekend: “Rediscovering My Daughter Through Instagram” 

On “witch hunts.” “We are still in the pretending-this-isn’t-really-happening stage of the drama.”

A 7-year-old dies at the border.

We’re just hearing more about “iceboxes,” but the Human Rights Watch has been looking into abusive conditions in border detention centers for years.

We are all a spark away.

Meet this 15-year-old climate activist who recently attended COP24 in Poland.

Also via Kottke: I’ve never seen this! I think I need to change that. Have you?

Thank you for the suggestions added in the comments of this post! Many are gifts that give back.

P.S. Today is our “dating anniversary.” 18 years ago! Here’s an old post about celebrating it the year Hudson was born. Happy anniversary, love!

[Three Kamm Pants Photos: Jesse Kamm /Atelier DoreChronicles of Her]

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