Sweater Coats and Coatigans


Sweater Coats, Coatigans, Jacket Cardis… whatever you call them, they’re a cozy harbinger of fall. And an appropriate thing to wear through most of winter in California. The long bouclé one below also has nostalgia writ large on it for me because it looks exactly like one my mother owned. She’d wear it with an A-line skirt and boots and slightly feathered hair—a style mid-way between Charlie’s Angels and Dynasty, Farrah Fawcett and Linda Evans—and would still fit right in today.

What do you think of the slouch-meets—structure trend?


  1. A cocoon silhouette: Rosedust Cardigan by Moth
  2. This Boden Coatigan feels like something Ali MacGraw would wear.
  3. Reminds me of my mother’s: plush bouclé-knit cardigan
  4. Open silhouette almost gives this one the look of another trend: capes.
  5. Large lapels and a furry detail from Zara
  6. Colorblock with a button closure from Loft
  7. Oversized sweater-jacket comes in camel, grey, or black—wishlisted.
  8. Loft Cozy Coatigan with slash pockets (i.e. no extra bulk on the hips)
  9. Madewell Structured Sweater Jacket—love the three-quarter sleeves
  10. Open front and a wing collar on this blanket-inspired cardi. (On sale.)
  11. Supersoft alpaca-blend knit coat with a shawl-neckline.
  12. Extra-long cardigan style: a textured open coat.

*Not numbered: Snowden Sweater by JCrew (Sold out / Check for similar styles)

[Top Image: Stefanel Sweater Winter 2013]

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