Last-minute Mother’s Day gift (From the grocery!)

last minute Mothers day Gift



Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Have you picked out a card yet? Did you remember to pick up a gift?

In case you’ve gotten behind and will be scrambling for something Saturday night, here’s an idea you can pull together in no time. In fact, everything but the card came from our local grocery!

Here’s what I included…


Something to entertain.

Pick up a few of her favorite magazines. A nice trio might consist of fashion, home, and celebrity pop-culture, but you’ll want to tailor the choices to her to show that you’ve been paying attention.

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Something to nibble. Something to sip. 

Chocolate is always a good idea. And Lindt LINDOR truffles have that smooth melting center that just seems to say “relax and enjoy.” Actually, Lindt recently conducted a survey which found that more than four-out-of-five (85%) women say chocolate makes them a happier person, with two-thirds (66%) saying it’s the best form of relaxation. Sounds about right.

Black tea with milk can complement milk chocolate—Darjeeling, Earl Grey, or English Breakfast would all be fine choices. Or you could seek flavors that enhance or contrast with the notes in the chocolate. Of course, a bottle of red wine would also be a fine choice. (Particularly if the gift is from one grown-up to another.)

Our grocery carries these pretty Le Creuset mugs, but I think you could even use a tea cup from her cupboard—the point is really that your giving the gift of time spent reading and savoring, a suggestion to slow down and relax.

Assembly tip: Look for an attractive tea tin (this one is Harney & Sons). Remove a few of the tea bags to place in the cup, and wrap the rest up in an air-tight bag to fill the bottom of the tin. Place the truffles on top to display. 


Something fresh (and pretty). 

Tulips, peonies, rananculus… there are lots of beautiful options at the markets around Mother’s Day. If you’re choosing something at the grocery, a single variety in a simple palette is usually a safe bet.

Assembly tip: Use any box you have at home (or ask the grocer for one) and wrap it with brown craft paper and some tissue. It doesn’t have to be perfect (in fact, the imperfection is part of the charm). For the flowers, be sure to remove any plastic or rubber bands. If they’re to be out of water for long, wrap the stems in a wet paper towel and a layer of saran wrap before re-wrappng the bouquet in tissue or craft paper and tying with a ribbon. 


Something with love. 

Add a card—with a personal message, including some suggestions of how you’d like her to enjoy everything you’ve included.

Tie up the box with a bow. (And try to keep your paws off the truffles.)

Assembly tip: If the card is right, consider foregoing the envelope!



Add the gift of time. She may not want her alone-time to be on Mother’s Day, but I’m guessing she’ll appreciate the option.

(By the way, I’m curious: which magazines would you choose if this were your gift box?)

P.S. A Mother’s Day Gift Guide from this year. And from last.

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