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Hope you have a great weekend! Here are some links I’ve been saving for you…

Clare V has a new collection with Anthropologie!

I can’t wait to try one.

Unmute this. Check out all the songs this little fella can play, in the thread, for a laugh.

How much is a billion?

How we came to trust Wikipedia & crowd-sourced information.

If you do the math, there aren’t enough testing kits for these kinds of promises. Come on, Pence.

Other 20-second-songs to wash your hands to (instead of Happy Birthday). Thanks, Gabby!

The story of the Birkin bag.

Woven slides for warm weather (but pre-pedicures)

These florals! Oh my goodness!

One more Shopbop find. (See the others here.)

Are you an Xtreme TV watcher? I think I might be. A friend essentially told me she thought Love Is Blind would be too low-brow for me and I was deeply offended!

Speaking of TV, spoilers about Alex Karev’s end on Grey’s Anatomy

A travel diary from a week in Los Angeles. These kinds of travel blog posts are still my favorite. I love all the details.

I was one of the ones deeply saddened by Elizabeth Warren’s “inelectability.” So I’m soaking up all the articles now coming out about how special she was. (Where were you guys before?) In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t been shy about my support. And I don’t know why it’s still so hard to list identity politics (representation) as one of my chief concerns. It is. “In one significant, symbolic way, America until at least 2024 will look exactly as it has since 1776.

On that note, Even*Cleveland’s post, Of Course, about the disappointment resonated with me.

How Warren’s policy proposals will live on. (It wasn’t just that she was a woman—the fear of that being misunderstood is probably at the root of that shyness.)

And now, refocusing: Thanks for sharing! 

[Photo via Clare V lunchbags]


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