Spring wishlisting

I got sucked into the ShopBop sale browsing madness. I’ve only starred things thus far—I’m still doing well on the clothing rental—but there are a few things (floral maxi dresses, great jumpsuits) that keep me looking.

Here are some of my favorite spring wishlist finds…

Pretty spring dresses, like this Free People Heartlands Maxi Dress (top) or this jersey cotton maxi.

Jumpsuits, like the Alex Mill one people keep recommending. (Black or pink? See above on Bianca Valle.)


A sweet, white top.

And one that is loose and floral. (A Dôen dupe?)

New straight, black jeans. I’ve always like how AG fit. (Though something white is probably more in-season.)

But these look really awesome—like vintage. And non-stretch! I haven’t tried B Sides. Have you?

Small, gold earrings.

A one-shoulder bikini I keep coming back to. (I’d like to try it on.)

And a beachy cover-up to go with it.

Any particular items you’ve been looking for, for spring?

P.S. The most flattering jeans (& vintage sizing tips)


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