Summer Mood Board & Holiday Sales


I went online to check out the Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale (initially drawn by mini-waterproof-Toms and Father’s day gifts) and of course ended up looking at the women’s section instead. I had all of these tabs open when Aron walked in and, taking a glance, remarked “don’t you already have that?”

Yep. With a few exceptions, I basically wish-listed my closet… And should probably call this a summer mood-board instead.

I think I’ll end the confession there. (Do you do that, too? Buy different versions of the same favorites every year? I’m telling you: uniform.)

Pictured, roughly by row, left to right—all from the sale: 

An inexpensive jumpsuit (because the cost-per-wear on these can be relatively high)
A new straw hat (because I wear mine into the ground-er-pool every summer)
A chambray skirt (because I really just want to wear jeans every day of the year, but it’s too hot)
Sunglasses. (Too many? Nah.)
Birkenstock Slides: I love how lightweight these ones are!
Bootcut jeans (for wearing with breezy tanks and peep-toe clogs—and fun sunglasses.)
Ikat pants (see “skirt” above)
A simple tank dress is always a good idea.
washed linen tunic (Did I mention the word “uniform”?)
Mechanic chic. (Not sure if I could wear it, but I’d like to.)
I actually do own this eyelet top already. (In blue, though! I wore it in LA.)
Pull-on printed pants. (Alternatives to the Ikat pants, really, in case those sell out.)
A peasant top (that, in cream, looks a lot like a really expensive one I’ve been eyeing by Ace & Jig, but is only $15).

P.S. There are actually a lot of great sales this weekend, if you’re looking. On Amazon, FUN20SUN gets you 20% off fashion stuff (check here). Those Sweedish Hasbeens, for example, are eligible. The other ones I’m most interested in: Steven Alan (sales are rare here, and this weekend it’s 30% off and free shipping); 50% off JCrew Factory; and some good deals at West Elm.

Have a great holiday weekend!

[Top image / all via Nordstrom / contains affiliate links]

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