Sweater Weather (& Friday Links)

We’re finally getting our first tastes of those cool fall nights around here. I’ve been pulling on a sweater (from that fall wish list) most mornings, even if the temperature swings in the other direction for midday. October is all about transition.

Some of the leaves are starting to drop and a visit to Apple Hill is on the horizon. We have plans to go camping—glamping, rather, a first—tonight in Guerneville, and then we’ll be back in time for the annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival in the Capay Valley on Saturday. It will be a full weekend! Any fun plans on the horizon?

Have a good one! Some links of note… 

This made me laugh out loud this week. So good! I can’t get over it!

Followed only slightly as my favorite thing on the internet this week by this—Lizzo and the Aristocrats.

Quieting your inner critic.


Has anyone tried Public Goods? Reviews? Intrigued.

An extension for browsers and search terms, aimed to eliminate bias: S.H.E. (These are the search terms they’ve been working on so far.)

The Mommy Blog Is Dead. Long Live the Mommy Blog.”

I made these pancakes last Sunday and they were like mini-soufflés. Delicious!

Remember that gorgeous guide to the Ligurian coast of Italy? Laura let me know that the small group trip to Liguria just went on sale. Would be amazing!

Rachel Maddow’s gamble paid off.

Anna Wintour‘s Masterclass distilled.

Rob Lowe’s kids’ comments on his Instagrams. Ha!

Thank you for the great comments on this post. I’m feeling inspired!

Related: We’re trying out this walkie-talkie-like option for backup.

Halloween Costume inspiration

[Sweater pictured by Sézane. Another option with button detail.]

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