The Weekly Digest & Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy almost-holiday! Our plans had been to go to Lake Tahoe and then come back in time for dinner here, but we might stay home for the break after-all. Last weekend was full of travel and I’m ready to stay put for a bit. Plus, I have a lot of work today getting ready to relaunch The Davis Dirt. Plus, the volume of gift-guides and Black Friday news are giving me a bit of anxiety about how fast December is approaching. Maybe I’ll start enjoying it as I usually do and round up some favorites, but I’m definitely a not-before-Thanksgiving shopper.

I missed last Friday’s digest when we were in LA. We took the kids to Disneyland and then to see Harry Styles. It was so much fun! What a fun concert. I tried my hand at making reels (I might be hooked) if you’d like to see: Here’s one from California Adventure and one from Harry Styles. I’ll probably make one for Disneyland, too, and then try to cut myself off for a bit.

We are all registered for the Davis Turkey Trot tomorrow, but it turns out that Hudson’s AYSO team did well enough to play in a tournament tomorrow. A bittersweet prize, if I’m being honest! Aron is still going to run because his race is early enough, but I think the rest of us will need to pass. Still, I’ll look forward to seeing parts of it–Davis is looking lovely right now with all the leaves changing.

Have a great weekend! And a happy Thanksgiving!

On my to-read list this weekend: What the Success of Women-Led Protests Tell Us About Iran’s Future

Also: Fiji’s radical plan to escape rising sea levels

“Donald Trump, who tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election and inspired a deadly riot at the Capitol in a desperate attempt to keep himself in power, announced he is running again for president in 2024.” Appreciate an accurate headline. From NPR.

Thank you for your trailblazing, Nancy! On the toughness of Nancy Pelosi.

I love Willie Nelson—one of the best concerts I’ve been to was seeing him perform at the Hollywood Bowl. The 89-year-old American treasure just got four more Grammy nominations!

Billboard’s picks for the best fan-reactions to the Taylor Swift ticket nightmare. (I’m actually really glad I didn’t qualify for the presale. It sounded miserable!) But maybe the most notable reaction comes from the DOJ: “Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Live Nation Over Monopoly Concerns”

Bon Appetit says this is the soap to keep on hand for getting food smells (fish, onion, garlic, etc.) off your hands: “Developed by two recreational fishermen in New England, MacKenzie’s is a deeply moisturizing exfoliator that, judging by their Instagram, is a favorite of bearded anglers who like to pose with their catch.” Brilliant!

Might make you laugh (or feel seen)? From McSweeney’s: “A parents typical day as envisioned by my childs preschool

Ever since a bear broke into our cabin (and then let himself back out), people have shared videos with me of potential Tahoe-area suspects. I especially like this one. Look how carefully he picks out his candy bars. No smash-and-grab disrespect here!

I also like to imagine that this is what happened when he saw himself in our bathroom mirror.

Riding boots are back.

Two children’s books that would make great gifts. This one sounds fun—and has Erin Jang design cred! And this one looks so sweet for our holiday book basket tradition—by the very talented Alli Brydon (who was a contributor on here many times!): Bright Winter Night.

I love this elephant so much! 

A previous round-up of my favorite Thanksgiving tips and links.

[Photo of Molly Baz from the Drink This Wine campaign. Makes me want red wine. And a red cardigan: I like this one or this one–the second of which is on sale.]

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