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It’s looking very spring-like around here. The blooms are back and the bees are buzzing. I heard that we shouldn’t panic about the lack of rain just yet—more could come in March and April—but I really hope we Californians are all saving on water-use and thinking more long-term than that.

This weekend is full of around-here projects: I’m getting ready to launch the March issue of The Davis Dirt and this one comes (fingers crossed) with a whole new website, so there’s lots to do. Everyone is off at the moment: Hudson is starting up baseball again and practices begin today. Skyler is celebrating her birthday month with her class today and is feeling the love. Aron’s at work doing something silly no doubt… saving lives, blah blah blah. 😉 Actually, to toot a horn for him a bit: he’s once again been named one of the top doctors in Sacramento, and he’s been appointed Director of Urologic Robotic Surgery for Northern California at Kaiser and made Assistant Chief in his department! We’re pretty proud of him.

Looking forward to toasting to that and to the weekend soon!

Hope you’re having a great one… 

I have lots of writing to do this weekend and I’m feeling like I would do better if I had a space like this one, spotted on The Design Files—wouldn’t we all? An “idyllic, Boston ivy-blanketed refuge by Matt Gibson Architecture lives out this secluded writer’s shed fantasy, nestled in the back corner of a residential garden in Melbourne’s East.”

Do you use a sleep mask? I want to try a silk one (for blackout and for, maybe? fewer face-creases and wrinkles?). I’m considering the washable Lunya.

I mentioned I wanted to try Future Dew (I did. I love it.), and a friend pointed out that you can get Glossier travel sizes if you get the skincare edit.

And while we’re in this terrain, a frequent flier to Australia swears by this for in-air pick-me-ups.

Did you watch the latest debate? Loved seeing Elizabeth Warren at her best!

Also, her ad in in the Las Vegas Review.

And yet I still see her being left out of so many infographics: Check out the 2020 Guide on the New York Times after an article about Warren. Or read about the Washington Post omission.

Have we all discovered “Finish the Lyrics” this week? Watch as this woman does an amazing Shallow cover.


Better Call Saul is finally coming back! And what a trailer!!! It’s going to be so hard to not rewatch Breaking Bad.

Bad-boss assistant stories are always fun. (As long as it’s not you.)

Shiny, new RSS reader? 

“Storytelling is one of the easiest and accessible approaches for teaching race, equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

The New York Times Magazine profiles have been really great of late. Enter Ben Affleck.

Well done! If you’re a woman running for office, M.M. LaFleur will lend you clothes. Write to [email protected] with your name, location, and description of the office you’re running for and they’ll be in touch.

Here we go again. 

P.S. It’s nearly asparagus season. Here’s a simple way to enjoy the fresh stuff. 

[Lead images via Matt Gibson Architecture]


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