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How is December going for you? I feel like I’m caught it a bit of a whirlwind! I want to slow down and enjoy all of the wonderful activities and traditions we are doing and that we have planned, but the month is flying by and I’ve found myself with a second job that I hadn’t accounted for until late October. I’m not complaining—it’s all good stuff. I met with some designers today, and have all kinds of plans to put into motion, but I found myself chewing my nails to the quick and scarfing down peppermint Jo-Jos with an embarrassing degree of stress-laiden gusto. And none of this has been helped by a crashed computer! (Fingers crossed.)

Somehow we are still keeping (mostly apace). This weekend we’ll have breakfast with Santa, go to a friend’s fancy holiday party (still need to pick out a dress!), and have dinner with friends. I wish we could make it to SF for the Mother Mag Market, but looks iffy. Hopefully I’ll get ahead on some of these work projects. Wish me luck!

Anything you’re looking forward to this weekend? I’d love to hear.

Behold a Lego portrait of Frida Kahlo made by visual artist Karen Cantú Q. Via Kottke. (Above.)

Unique embroidery. (Remember this?)

The amazon coat (who has one?) one year later. (And the loss of nuance.)

Frozen ravioli lasagna. Genius hack!

A new era for not losing things. (Like three stacked dimes.)

Maybe the best coffee table book?

The Netflix Twitter thread. Whoah!

The best time to go to be is 8:45pm. (Which means I’m usually 4 hours late. Sounds about right.)

A utility jumpsuit is high on my wishlist. (Added two more examples to the Shop.)

Searches for heroes soared in 2019.

If you’re looking for 1o-minute videos for young children, the Mr. Rogers “How Things Are Made” episodes are still so lovely.

Girl v. monster

Boris Johnson’s victory.

I came to David Harbour’s apartment tour strictly for that velvet sofa, but the whole tour is incredible. He’s so charming. And that kitchen! It makes me want to know more about Harbour. “I mean, why not four taps.” and “I don’t want you to think I’m a big candleablra-bathtub guy.” Oh my, I love it.

Finally, we all are still coming to terms with some really sad news at our school and in our community—a few weeks ago one of the 2nd-grade teachers at our children’s school took her life. She wasn’t Hudson’s teacher, but we all knew her—she stood out as a joyful and vibrant educator. Her room was colorful and always filled with laughter and life and song, and the kids all loved her. Her death is a powerful reminder of the burdens people carry in secret—a reminder to always be kind. She had suffered from depression for years and none of us knew. The school has been amazing and provided everyone with age-appropriate scripts that teachers would be using to explain and to start conversations when everyone returned from their Thanksgiving breaks; and the children have been making paper cranes and have created a makeshift memorial at the school. I’d like to share this lovely obituary that ran in our newspaper. Her husband is directing any donations made in her name to the Davis Phoenix Coalition, which would purchase video and lesson plan kits from “Not In Our School” (via Not In Our Town) anti-bullying campaign for distribution at all local schools.

[Lego portrait of Frida Kahlo made by visual artist Karen Cantú Q]

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