2019 Gift Guides (& Shop Update)

Just after Thanksgiving, I shared my “favorite gifts of all time” gift guide, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting ideas in the weeks since with the intention of sharing a list one day.

Tonight, however, as I opened tab after tab to decide myself which I might add-to-cart, I realized that it might be simpler to share my favorite finds in the SHOP section of the blog.

So, if you’re still looking for ideas (for others, or for your own wishlist), you can visit the gift guide or check out the shop. I’ll continue to add ideas as they come, but there are 36 new items in there as of tonight!

And here are some more suggestions…

A slamdunk gift for kids (and a wrapping tip!)

The best toys for preschoolers

Cookbooks for Everyone

The Perfect Host Gift

A Simple Gift Giving Philosophy

All the best gift guides from the archives

[lead image via These Four Walls]

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