A simple gift-giving philosophy

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The gift guide for kids is coming up later today and I really had a hard time limiting this one. Children are so much more fun than adults to buy for, particularly because it can take so little to make their eyes alight. Case in point from two days ago: Our babysitter put a box on the doorstep that she’d addressed to the kids (because Hudson is always asking if the packages are for him). Inside were socks and antlers from the dollar bins at Target and some bubble wrap. Hudson carefully opened the box with his scissors and then practically screamed: “it’s the bubble wrap I love the most.” Then, when the two of them finally got to the socks and antlers, they roamed the house on their knees, playing reindeer. (Skyler followed Hudson in pure glee). We made gingerbread “bones” for them that night—because obviously that’s what reindeer eat.

It was at once a reminder of why one doesn’t need to go overboard and why it’s so hard not to. Those reactions are the best! But sometimes when you try too hard to fill the space under the tree and make that morning magical, it backfires.

So I like this simple philosophy that I read years ago for limiting gifts to four things. Give them:

Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.  

What do you think of this? How do you handle gifts at your house? If you celebrate Christmas, how do you decide what comes from Saint Nick?

P.S. Gift ideas coming up next. Note to self: Put aside some bubble wrap for the oranges in the stockings this year.

[Photo from our Christmas last year, Skyler’s first.]

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