Gift Guide: Favorite Gifts of All Time

I usually save making gift guides for December, but it was brought to my attention that many of you are hoping to get a jumpstart on your shopping while all of these Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are going on.

So while this might seem like cheating, bear with me! I’m adding an extra option: I’ve combed back through the Gift Guide archives to find my favorite gift guides from holidays-gone-by (good gifts don’t change all that much, after-all!), and re-checked every single link. Click on “details” to check them out.

Happy shopping!

Favorites for Her

This gift guide still holds up, for example, and I’ve checked all the links. I do wish I’d gotten myself a pair of those crescent hoop earrings—there’s a slightly new style available now. And that stationery—so beautiful!

(Follow the link for details.)

This was a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, but there’s no reason it can’t be inspiration for the holidays. (In fact, there are more where this came from.) I’m using the ceramic coffee mug as I update these.


And one more favorite—I just listened to an interview with the woman who created RMS beauty and I’m adding that lip/cheek palette to my wish list. I can also assure you that the Dior Glow is a mainstay. Again, all links have been vetted!


Favorites for Him

So many top picks still. I’m a big advocate for the toy-like gifts for adults, so codenames and Nintendo seem like safe bets!


This one, for example, has lots more toy-like ideas. That Inigo Montoya name patch remains an all-time favorite—as does the remote-control helicopter.


Father's day gift guide, collage

The last two Father’s Day gift guides are full of inspiration, too. This is from this year (but here’s 2018, too). I’m all about the slip-ons lately. These are by TOMS, but I ended up getting Aron some Soludos and Mohinders and they look great. A bottle of Amaro or vermouth makes a great host or brother-in-law gift.


Favorites for the Kiddos

Here’s the link to this guide. I especially love the idea of getting kids a camera and seeing what they capture—like these photos by Hudson!


I remember making this one just before Skyler turned two and we got her the Vespa balance bike. I think this year I’d like to get her the flower press and fairy door!


This one from last year is filled with things that either my kids love or still want—and some things that I want! (Like that puzzle!)


I didn’t re-check the one from 2017, but check it out, too. I’d suggest ordering extra of the rainbow crayon. They’re awesome.

Favorites for Everyone Else (ideas for anyone left out so far—the always-welcoming host, the white elephant recipient you just met, the friend at work, the neighbor who always brings back your runaway dog…)

I tried to keep these all in the $30-or-under range (just a couple of exceptions). I chose the fountain pen for a gift exchange last year (and got one for myself, too). Believe it or not, not a single link needed to be updated—everything is still available.


Okay, guys: Last one! (Though believe it or not, there are still so many more in the years of archives.)


Hope this was helpful and that you score some deals if you’re doing your holiday shopping!

“Stay classy!”

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