Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is just a week away! Here are over 20 gifts that might be just right for him…

Is this the coolest dry bag ever? We use ours often—for beach days, rainy days, and sunny days on the water.

Or maybe he needs an Inflatable Kayak first?

A new sound system is a splurge, but maybe this one is worth it.

Oysters. (or maybe just this cheeky catch-all referencing his love of them?)

Kiehl’s Men’s Starter Kit—for the new dad, or any one who needs some items for his suitcase.

His own growler for the craft-beer filling station.

This Cotton Linen Sweater is soft and comfortable (but not too slouchy).

Double Hammock—with the ropes he needs to use it immediately.

This Aero Press gets rave reviews. (And if he’s really serious, a manual grinder for the freshest cup)

Aron’s favorites (and I can vouch for them, too): Compost Cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar. (Or get the recipe and make them for him.)

Every dad needs a Classic Vacuum Mug, right?

Trivial Pursuit (An updated edition so he can finally stop answering questions about the Soviet Union.)

A beautiful, ebony-handled pocket knife. (Also in dark birchwood.)

Is he a Game of Thrones fan? Or is Star Wars more his, um, cup of tea?

These White sneakers are always in style, and—in my opinion—can look good on men of all ages.

Books are always a good idea. Consider: The Road to CharacterHow to Stay Alive in the WoodsWhere to Eat Pizza, or One More Thing (If he’s a car commuter, maybe he’d like Audible credits.)

A very versatile tie.

Frisbee that will make him smile.

Or a shirt that will make him laugh.

Gran Classico makes a great alternative to Campari, for mixing those bitter summer cocktails he loves. (Shipping can add up, so call some of your local shops to see if it’s in stock.)

Of course, if the dads in your life are anything like the ones in mine, they tend to buy themselves the things they need. So experiences make great gifts, too. Or even just his favorite breakfast with a note saying why he’s the coolest—and that you love him. (Here’s a cute idea for a homemade card from young kids.)

What are your best father’s day gift ideas? 

P.S. Last year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide. And the one before that. And I will say it again: that toy helicopter remains my favorite go-to gift suggestion ever.

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