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We’re going to a choir concert tonight, figgy pudding and all, and then will cross our fingers for some sleeping in on Saturday morning before the weekend begins in earnest. Rain is in the forecast, so it also seems a good time to finish decorating the tree and to watch a movie with the kids.

We’re also looking forward to spending some time with friends, toasting to the start of the season!

Hope you have something fun planned! Some links for the downtime…

This is the sweetest!

I really enjoyed this article on 63 Up, and it might be the kick I need to finally watch the series.

The art of paying attention.

The first black Marie in New York City’s The Nutcracker. 

When you just need a little something—for stockings, pairing with gift cards, for a thank you.

A funny response to the Peloton ad PR debacle.

NPR Book picks of 2019.

And the NYT top recipes. (And somehow this simple one still stands out.)

We had our bookclub gift exchange last night and, once again, earrings were the most popular, most-often-stolen-and-frozen items. These, for example, and a pair with real gold for all the most sensitive ears.

(And while I was on the Madewell site, noted these clogs on sale!)

Santa’s reindeer are female.

Strong gingerbread cookies. (And gingerbread sandwich cookies.)

A move to stop romanticizing plantation weddings.

The madness lies in looking, honestly, at how this came to pass, at how many people had to give up on the idea of democracy for things to come to this. ”

U.S. Politics Live blog.






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