Fava Bean Tartines (& Friday Links)

Fava beans and asparagus are starting to make their way into the markets—one of the signals that spring is here!

It’s a good reminder for me to look back into the In Season archives for some recipe inspiration. These Fava beans—beautiful photographed by Sasha Swerdloff—are paired with leeks and a pesto of mint, parsley, hazelnuts, and lemon zest for some of the most lovely spring tartines. I’m excited to make them again soon! Here’s the full recipe for Fava Bean Tartines.

What do you look forward most to finding at your markets when the season shifts? Strawberries perhaps?

Here are some links of note (including a recipe for asparagus) to start the weekend. Enjoy!

Delicious combination: Asparagus, green garlic, and tarragon gratin

I watched the making of Oopsies! in Kristen Bell’s stories a few weeks ago. It’s hillarious! Will it be a mistake to download it for the kids? They’ll love it.

Cuter microfiber towels for travels

Spotted this dress on Jen and love it!

Amazon is getting into the beauty business with a fragrance-, paraben-, phthalate-free, no-animal testing line of products called Belei. 25% off first orders and refunds up to a year… intrigued.

Moving, jaw-dropping birth photography.

Some of these fakes are so good!

Three people have recommended this book to me this week. Have you read it?

I just re-watched It’s Complicated just so I could see her garden again and… did you remember that it’s just a small clip toward the end? ‘

How to really be OOO on vacation.

What’s Eating Dan? Now I want a burger.

The U-Curve of Happiness. The best is yet to come!

What you should be using to charge your phone. (Here’s why!)

Love some of the comments in this post. I need to up my sign-off game!

Instagram and hate.

Reconsidering dated dioramas. Love this.

What true leadership looks like. Bravo.

Holi is underway. The photos and all the color are always amazing! These are from a previous year.

Have a great weekend!


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