Secrets to Great Fruit Salads (& Friday Links)

I couldn’t bring myself to close this Bon Appetit tab on my computer, and so I share with you the secret formula for great fruit salads, any time of the year, according to Carla Lalli’s new book, Where Cooking Begins: Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You a Great Cook:

All you need is sweet-juicy fruit, plus crunchy-salty nuts and chewy-fatty cheese. Add some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then, let everything sit for 15 minutes before serving, so the fruit juices can mingle with the dressing on the plate. Works every time.

(And pssst, don’t forget that Avocados and tomatoes are fruits!)

Here are some more tasty links of note for the weekend… 

This diver was swallowed by a whale (and spit back out, but still!) P.S. His son’s name is Jonas.

If you enjoyed the round-up of ceramics, check-out these Japanese-inspired ceramics CB2 just added.

Do you need variety? Eating the same meal everyday.

My friends and I have remarked how more people should tell you it hurts at first! An honest breastfeeding experience account.

An stack of cloth napkins to mix into daily routines.

When I was researching quip, I kept reading about this dental rinse that can change the acidic bacterial balance in your mouth and help prevent cavities.

Would make a gorgeous wedding dress.

Fine art of Paper Flowers. Wow!

Related, and also stunning: these wreaths.

Anita Lo’s new cookbook, Solo, on cooking for one.

List Therapy (and congratulations, Rachael, on the new addition!)

Would make a creative gift: a Sandal making Kit

Harry Potter fans, take note: Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure

One of our all-time favorite restaurants (in New York), quietly changed their menu.

Have never been able to do a smoky eye. Maybe I’ll try this one day.

Beto joins the race and everyone’s looking for the scandal

The real story: How the admissions scandal should be covered. (And without resorting to using just photos of moms, I would note.)

Good Advice

And finally, this week, in case you missed it: What to say to get that kids’ haircut just right; best sources for organic ceramic dinnerware; a local’s guide to London, England; and ways how to wear a fanny pack (with some favorites).

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