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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but many of the recipes I’ve shared on here fall into the category of breakfast or dessert. Dinner? Not so much. It’s not usually my favorite meal to make.

Perhaps it has something to do with being unprepared. There’s a last-minute scramble to see what’s around—what can be thrown together—during which one or both kids realize they’re starving (for food, if not attention). Snacking ensues while the oven preheats and soon I realize that we won’t be sitting down for at least another 30 minutes—roughly 25 minutes more than seems ideal at that moment.

I once received the brilliant advice (Here, in fact!): “Start dinner in your early afternoon lull. If it’s 5pm and happy hour has kicked in, abandon ship. Opt for cheese and crackers or cereal. Dinner never seems to be worth it in the end.” And it’s my favorite sentiment. I think of it all the time—especially on nights when I unwrap three cheeses and slice up some coppa: ‘Go easy on yourself. Choose the path of least resistance,’ it seems to read. Prepare dinner if you can. And if you can’t, relax

So I confess: I’m not a stickler about dinner.

And I’m always looking for the path of ease—which I believe is called “delivery.” In this case, it was specifically called Munchery.


I’d been reading a lot about Munchery—a delivery service whose promise is “nourishing, affordable, chef-cooked meals” at your door. Rave reviews abounded online. They got in touch to see if I’d like to try it out, and so I looked for an opening in my busy meal-planning schedule (wink, nudge) with one condition being that they include a discount for readers in their delivery range to try it, too (see below).

Basically, if you’re in one of their delivery zones (currently New York, San Francisco, and Seattle), you can schedule for delivery tonight or order up to a week in advance online—mains for adults and kids, sides, salads, desserts, and even drinks—and menus change daily. They sent over a selection for us to try.


The first thing I noticed was that I liked the minimal packaging. Everything came in a cooler bag, and waste was small (and I’ve actually held onto some of the containers to use at Farmer’s Market picnics). I photographed everything the way it arrived (minus the plastic lids), just so you have a sense of how they’re prepared. Each package is microwave- and oven-safe and is clearly labeled with an ingredient list and prep instructions, which tend toward simple (and promise to take under 10 minutes). For example, on my steak frites was listed the chef’s name (an alum of 123 Bolinas) and directions to “set aside frisee” and “heat steak 3-5 minutes.”





Skyler laid immediate claim on a side of Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese Gratin, while Aron chose Pan Seared Salmon. Hudson had a kids’ winter chili mac that we were able to stretch into two more dinners.



And there were some sweet treats like caramel corn and cookies, but Aron and I kept the salty sweet chocolate chip one to ourselves.


There’s of course some guilt in saying this, but I feel like—right now—dinner is exponentially easier when made by someone else. There’s a small window of opportunity for sitting down together and really engaging, and so often it seems like the window has closed by the time we actually figure out a plan and get the food ready. There’s a chance for it, when we’re making things together, but more often than not I’m distracted.

I’m hoping Munchery expands to Davis, soon. In the meantime, check to see if they’re delivering in your neighborhood and get 15% off your first order with the code HITHERTHITHER. Or use the discount to order for someone else—it would make an awesome gift for new parents or a friend who is going through a hard time.

How do you manage dinnertime? Do you plan ahead or play it by ear? What’s your go-to? 


P.S. Tips for assembling kids’ lunch boxes. 

This post is sponsored by Munchery, who I was glad to let help me answer that most pressing question one night last week: “What’s for dinner?”

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