Smashed Pavlova (& Friday Links)

I’ve had this dessert open in a tab on my computer for over a week now. It’s so beautiful. And I really love the way the crunch of a light meringue dessert pairs with cream. It also struck me, looking at it again today, that the berry sauce could be used for a chilling Halloween-themed dessert. Add some candy eyeballs in place of the greens or stick in some other thematic decorations. Or change the sauce. Pavlova is so adaptable.

I’m having a hard time believing that Halloween is almost here. We’ve got some last-minute costume finishing to do this weekend. But we also will be wrapping up soccer season with Hudson’s team, wishing preschool-friends a happy birthday at a pumpkin patch, and I’ll be remembering how to play Clue tonight. And then it’s Thanksgiving…what, tomorrow?

Here are some links of note to get it started… 

Made me laugh: How to be an amazing influencer like me.

“The reason is that I tried being braless, and I liked it better. It wasn’t a political decision, except insofar as everything a woman does with her body that isn’t letting someone else dictate what she ought to do with it is a political decision.” Seriously. It’s exhausting.

I’ve been meaning to check out the cookbook NomNom Paleo, and this recipe is looks like proof I’ve been missing out.

Rachael just shared some of her favorite things, including this website for kids that I’m excited to check out!

West Elm is having it’s big furniture sale.

Oddly satisfying: De-pilling sweaters for the coming chilly mornings.

Some alternatives to Ambien for the sleep challenged.

Such an interesting look at the effects of leaning in (versus bias).

Smart water bottles.

Also, a really simple way to track your water consumption: just spin the dial. (And something a bit more fancy.)

This round-up of home store cabinets is golden.

An app to help kids learn to cook: Nomster chef.

A friend of mine wrote to me “The world can only be inclusive of all kids if families who aren’t dealing with these issues are part of the conversation. Just trying to open up the conversation.” Here’s a thoughtful guide to navigating Halloween fears and special needs.

The administration has cut the advertising budget for open-enrollment on this year by 90 percent, so please share widely: open enrollment for healthcare is taking place between November 1 and December 15th—half the time allowed as last year. (Here’s more troubling news on the ways Obamacare is being quietly, internally dismantled without replacement.)

Enjoy the weekend!

[Photo for Donna Hay]

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