Market Day, Take Two

Saturday definitely turned into a market day. Our original destination was the New Amsterdam market; it recently returned to the city for another season, and Ashley and I went to check it out–again. I have to admit, I was almost expecting to be underwhelmed; we’d been multiple times and we had just stopped at the Hester Street Fair. I was totally wrong: I loved it. It was as great as ever. Some new vendors were there, but all shared the theme of locally sourced and sustainably produced products.
Briny-perfumed lobster mushrooms (top) shared space with early, middle, and late-harvest honey. Currants, heirloom tomatoes, artisanal breads, local wines, sat alongside cheese and chocolate.
Ashley had pre-ordered us a picnic from Marlow & Sons, so I had to hold back from buying some of the best craftsman cheese I’ve had in years.
As it was, we picked up our picnic tote (after Ashley got some tips about how the chef makes his amazing brick chicken) and rode down the water to board the ferry to Governors Island.
We had intended to go to Governors Island for City of Water Day but, after the market stops, were a bit late. Still, with our new bikes(!), we were pretty happy to just cruise around. 
The Manhattan ferry had just left when we went back to the pier, so we hopped on the Brooklyn-bound boat rather than wait. As a result, we had to ride back across the Brooklyn Bridge on our new bikes. Oh, darn. 

The next New Amsterdam Market will be held Sunday, August 22; it will be held weekly starting Sunday, September 12.

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