Making Maple Almond Butter

Homemade maple almond butter

Homemade maple almond butter

Have you tried Justin’s Maple Almond Butter

? It has to be one the most perfect flavors out there these days. We get Hudson the Classic Almond butter for his lunches and keep the maple-tinged stuff for ourselves. I find myself digging out a spoonful to savor while I’m making coffee (usually while swaying or slightly bouncing Skyler).

However, Hudson’s favorite meal in the world is probably bananas and nut butter, and—if I’m more patient—this is how I like to enjoy it best, too.

I posted an image of the good stuff on Instagram a while back and Nicole, of the lovely food blog Dula Notes, mentioned that she had made her own—and that it was just as good!

At around $11/jar (and maybe higher as almonds rise in cost), I had to give it a try…

Homemade maple almond butter

You can find the whole recipe on her site, but it’s very simple! Essentially, you need a food processor or nut mill, maple syrup (and cinnamon, if you like, though I omitted it), coconut oil, and salt. I spoke to a food safety (and almond!) expert over the weekend and the nut butter will keep safely for a long time (up to a year) in the refrigerator. Most almonds you buy in the store are pasteurized but even raw ones, if you buy almonds raw at a farmer’s market, should be rendered safe by the roasting. The limiting factor will more likely be quality: nuts can go rancid after some time.

Homemade maple almond butter

Try it! (And then schmear it on a banana for me.)

P.S. Hazelnut spread. And Almond blossoms.

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