What do you do with the Halloween Candy?

What do you do with all that candy that comes home on Halloween?

We haven’t really set any rules so far. Hudson has been almost as interested in the collecting as the eating, and rips through a just handful before bed. To my complete shock, he has practically forgotten about it by the next day. (I doubt this will be the case this year, but fingers crossed.) Meanwhile, it’s me who has the problem with all that temptation in the cupboards. Which begs the ancillary question: do you eat your kids’ candy?

Do tell! I always find it so interesting to hear everyone’s different practices when it comes to this…

One of my friends has the rule that Halloween candy is for that night only. They totally binge on the stuff and whatever is left over gets sent out of the house. I’ve heard dentists recommend this: better to consume all the sugar at once rather than snack on it for months.

Another allows a certain number of pieces, and then puts aside the rest for the next birthday party—when it gets re-used it in favor bags or a piñata.

Alternatively, you could freeze it, and re-use it in cakes and bars throughout the year.

Real Simple published a list of recipe ideas for leftovers—from Skittles Meringues to Caramel-cookie cheesecake pie (with Twix bars). The chocolate bark seems like the simplest catch-all, though.

I’ve also heard of some friends offering trades—either as a way to get the candy out, or because their child can’t have sugar.

The Switchwitch seems like a really awesome idea if that’s of interest. You read a story about the little witch who comes to stay in your home and, on Halloween night, you leave the majority of your candy haul out for the witch to take. She flies it off to donate it and leaves a gift of some sort in its place.

What’s your tradition when it comes to Halloween candy? Do you set any rules? 

P.S. More halloween inspiration. Including the easiest, most indulgent pumpkin dessert.

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