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Have a lovely Labor Day Weekend—please be safe!

And P.S. Thank you for the nice notes and comments in regards to last week’s post (and for the TV recs!).

Some links of note… 

Trump called Americans who served and died in war “losers” and “suckers.” It’s not the first time we’ve seen this: a thread of 15 examples. We can’t let our loved ones be lead into any more conflicts by someone who doesn’t respect their service or their sacrifice.

When someone dies of asphyxiation due to restraint—as in the case of Daniel Prude—we need to ask why an investigation isn’t immediately undertaken.

Five election-readiness checklists for you.

Some good news.

Opening up, according to this Superintendent, is a fantasy.

But also, What We’ve Stolen from our Kids. “We haven’t had the appropriate resources or leadership or priorities. So here we are.”

This year’s fidget spinner alternative for kids in Zoom meetings. My kids loved the color-change.

A former high-ranking official within the National Rifle Association is breaking ranks with the gun lobby and speaking out.

70 years of Ikea catalogs

Finding the pleasure in “adulting.

Target is offering car seat trade-ins from September 13-26

One of my favorite tweets trying to explain the CDC’s note that only 6% of Covid-deaths are “only” from Covid-19. (They did not reduce the total.)

Gemma Burgess recommended this luminizing shield as her most touted sunscreen discovery which made me put it into my basket immediately. Dewy finish, mineral-based but blends in… fingers crossed!

Want the bleak truth? Also, I’m glad she said it so I can share it instead of writing it. It’s scary to say it out loud.

I do love me some Rick Steves. Interested to watch this episode.

What happens when you’ve been inspired by The Red Balloon?

“Fashion can be an incredible tool for wellness if we use it for good, and not evil!” Enjoyed this interview.

In a similar vein, I loved this interview with AOC on beauty secrets.

Again, not doing much clothing shopping but I this is the sweater I’d like this fall. (So many tempting new things just out.) The rust is so great, but I might choose the black. Hmmm. Also really into this popover denim shirt.

Something to make you smile.

[Photo from this Olive Oil Cake recipe. I’m trying to decide what to request for my birthday next week!]

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