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I was about to hit publish on a list of Friday links when the news came in: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman in history to serve on the supreme court, died in Washington, from complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer, at the age 87. She fought for us all, up until her very last day, and now she rests. May we all take up her fight for her so that she, a true hero, may finally rest in peace.

Of the many tributes I’ve read since last night, one of my favorites comes from actress Martha Plimpton, who wrote:

Because of her, when I turned 18 I could apply for and receive a credit card without a male signatory. Because of her, when I bought my house, I could apply for a mortgage without being married and without having a male co-sign. Because of her, I could be called to do my civic duty and serve on a jury without being exempted on a count of being a woman. Because of her I grew up believing I had a claim to my personhood as an equally vested citizen of my country. These changes happened in my own lifetime. And yet, my whole growing up, so deeply effected by her efforts, I never knew it was because of her and the countless clerks and lawyers she worked with arguing six of the most critical cases affecting women and families the Supreme Court had yet heard.

She changed this country for women. For EVERYONE. Because women’s rights are HUMAN RIGHTS. Because of her, I realized my own potential as a professional, a homeowner, a person with credit, with assets, with independence. My thanks to this woman are inexpressible. No matter where you begin, where you land is still, potentially, unknown. This devotion of hers to equality, not just to “being equal” but to the concept of equality as a dynamic and not a fixed standard, made her one of the most consequential legal and cultural minds of the 20th and 21st centuries. She’s my hero. Thank you, Justice Ginsburg, for everything. #RBG

As devastating as this loss is, there is so much to be grateful for. And I appreciate the hopefulness in pointing out that none of our standards are fixed.

Last week, I lacked the energy to even publish a list of links—the combination of the smoky air, the fires up and down our beautiful west coast during a pandemic, all on September 11th just felt too overwhelming. The links weighed heavy with news of a president who called war veterans “suckers” and “losers,” who lies about public health, and news of QAnon conspiracy theories that draw directly from decades-old Nazi propaganda.

Again, this week, I felt my heart sink and so I closed my computer. But Ginsburg is an inspiration from whom I should draw the energy to keep believing & keep fighting for equality. And so I came back to share these links, some fun and some serious, because I know I should use any platform I have to add to the chorus of people still out there fighting for equality and empathy.

Below is the post I was going to share, along with some of the links I had gathered last week:

Blade Runner 2049 using real photos of San Francisco from last week.

Love this initiative: Rise Up. Show Up. Unite! (One of my favorites, below.)

More support for wearing masks (just get on board already!): CDC Indicates Face Masks May Be Better Covid Protection Than a Vaccine That’s 70% Effective

A whistleblower complaint alleging ‘high rate’ of hysterectomies in ICE detention.

It was all about the election. An official from the Pence/Covid-19 task force speaks out.

Scientific American hasn’t endorsed a president in its 175 years of publication. Until now.

Will you watch the debates? 

Maya Gabeira is such a badass! She surfed the largest wave on record.

Emily Ratajkowski on Reclaiming Her Own Image

What is your text message’s punctuation saying?

This looks straight out of the Pixar studio! Waves touching clouds.

Guess we need to start discussing Halloween plans with the kids.

The Crushing Reality of Zoom School.

Suggestions from teachers on engaging with and keeping kids engaged on Zoom.

A thread on the Woodward interviews.

QAnon is a Nazi cult rebranded.

Effective political giving tips.

I love mint—these sound delicious!

Cute kids’ room! (Minted has so many cool, removable wall murals!)

A cute trench if we get some rain. (Fingers crossed!)

Jen and Brad, reunited.

The Emmys are virtual this Sunday. Will you watch?

Song Exploder is becoming a TV show. (We’ve played this podcast for the kids in the car.)

Some really good everyday hacks.

Popsicle moulds that stack!

Homemade flower fairy wings—Skyler would love these.

An airstream just off the beach sure sounds nice right now.

New details on the USPS struggle.

[Friday marked] 19 years since the Twin Towers fell in Lower Manhattan. I recall noting that, when we moved to New York in 2007, the first thing I learned about almost any new colleague, friend, or acquaintance, was their “where I was” story—it was so defining that years later, any birthday in the conference room would circle back to the shared memories. Of course, I have my own “where I was” recollection from across the country—as I’m sure most of us do around the world.

Are you registered? Double check right now!

[Top photo from a previous trip to Jenner, in Sonoma; Art by Jeff Rogers]

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