Los Angeles bound (& Friday Links)

Guide to LA
Hudson is on spring break, so we’re driving south to Los Angeles this weekend and staying in Silverlake—which is an area I always really loved when we lived in LA, a long time ago. But I doubt much will be familiar to me now. Any tips?

On a related note, I’ve mapped out what I do know about visiting Los Angeles to a new LA guide on Pinterest. Check it out! It’s a work in progress.

And because it’s Friday, some other items of note… 

I was going to tell you that I did an interview with my friend, Natalie, about what’s in my makeup bag, but this trumps that: She wrote a book!  Hey Natalie Jean.

(But I really do swear this is the best lipstick—color 004.)

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches. Why haven’t I done this yet? (While mine aren’t GF, I’d use this waffle recipe.)

On Amercians in conversaion: too much mirroring and reassurance?

Madewell at Nordstrom!

I’m going to grab a pair of chopsticks and give this hair tutorial a try.

36 Hours in Rome (and our Roma travelogue)

There’s a science to why Indian food tastes good.

Those who practice Lent may be saving a lot of money.

Ikea charging furniture? Very intriguing (As long as the designs have more longevity than those hotel iPod docks.)

Discovered a sweet, folk-art-inspired print on Great.ly.

World’s best mom watch.

In support of the Line-A-Day Journal. (From this happiness expert.)

Emily featured our home for a week on Anatomy of Design (thank you!)

Have a great weekend! 

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