Almond Trees in Bloom

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-4

The trees are filled with flowers right now! It feels early, but looking back over our recent years in California, the timing is fairly consistent. We visited a grove of Almond trees the other night just before the rain started to fall. Can you imagine them in the sun? If you’re in the area, I’m happy to report that the Capay Valley Almond Blossom Festival is happening on Sunday, the 28th, and should be timed perfectly.

I can never help but post some (gratuitous) family photos after we take the kids to see the trees. Playing peek-a-boo, running through the long rows, listening to bees—it’s all wonderful, but my favorite part is their smiles. I can’t promise there won’t be more this year. Some favorites…

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-9

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-1

Almond Blossoms Yolo 3

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-2

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-3

Almond Blossoms Yolo 4

Almond Blossoms Yolo

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-6

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-7

Almond Blossoms YOlo2

Almond Blossoms-Hither-And-Thither-5

Friday links coming up later today…

P.S. Some favorites from the same grove two years ago, when Skyler was a wee newborn.

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