Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For the Kiddos

I had a hard time holding back on this one. Children are the most fun to shop for! Gift suggestions for the kiddos… 

  1. For the little Jedi, a Death Star waffle iron—or perhaps a Star Wars Lightsaber Pop Maker.
  2. The cutest! Even I want to squeeze this super-soft stuffed sloth.
  3. There are so many terrific cooperative board games out there now. Two of our recent favorites are Race to the Treasure and Outfoxed—the latter is like Clue for kids.
  4. Magna-Tiles continue to be one of my picks for best toys out there. This year, get them the Polygons extension sets or the car-making adaptors.
  5. The Moonjar is a Spend-Save-Share piggy bank for kids: they can set saving goals for themselves and for helping others. (This version is cute, too.)
  6. I’m a big fan of the Melissa & Doug cube puzzles as far as first puzzles go. They’re sturdy and well-designed for little ones, with lots of clues—colorful border edges, distinct top and bottom portions with symbols like birds or butterflies in the sky—that help them understand how puzzle logic works. Probably best for 3+
  7. Multi-color pens are always a solid stocking stuffer, but I brought home this multi-color crayon from the Color Factory and it’s even better. It’s been such a hit! I keep two in my bag for all occasions. Just be sure to show them how to raise and lower the crayons without breaking them.
  8. A new generation of shrinky-dinks, these ones come with much cuter illustrations and accessories for making jewelry, key chains and more. [Sold out, but here are more.]
  9. Grimm’s Fractions, basically math play disguised as colorful building blocks.
  10. An awesome Marble Run that can be built and re-engineered over and over. And over. Bonus: this one’s attractive enough that you won’t mind having it out all the time.
  11. Their own flashlight for after-dark adventures. My kids love to go on pajama walks.
  12. Embroidery for beginners. I especially love the ice cream bars and Frida Kahlo templates.
  13. Kanoodle or Tangoes Junior: spatial reasoning games they’ll love.
  14. A sweet little purse for their carrying around their dearest treasures (and for freeing your pockets).
  15. Santa is probably already bringing plenty of Legos, so gift them some inspiration to keep the fun going: Klutz Chain Reactions or Epic Lego Adventures.
  16. A set of beautiful Alain Grée Illustrated books. Or the similarly lovely This is How We Do It, and  What do Grown-ups Do All Day?
  17. Something for their role-playing wishes. Love this dress-up mask and cape. (P.S. a more budget version and instructions for making your own.)
  18. Creative gifts for preserving their nature finds: A flower press and some sunprint paper.
  19. Little Citizen Tee, or anything from the Tea Gives Back shop, of which 100% of proceeds will be donated to The Global Fund for Children organizations focused on supporting migrants and refugees. A conversation starter.
  20. Little ones love making people laugh. A Joke book (and practical joke kit) would do the trick!
  21. We bought these Musical Bells a few years ago. They have such a nice sound and you can actually learn to play songs with them!
  22. Aren’t remote-control vehicles always the holiday hit? Stunt cars and bumper cars will actually survive all the inevitable crashes.
  23. A working tool box set (and a book of easy carpentry for kids).
  24. And sometimes the simplest gifts are the best: A stack of fresh paper with some paints, brushes, and a palette. (Psst, chubby stick paints for chubbier fingers.)

What are the children in your life asking for this year?

P.S. These magic butterflies would make great stocking stuffers or small gift for little friends.

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