Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For the Kiddo

I always have the hardest time holding back on this one. Children are the most fun to shop for! Gift suggestions for the kiddos…

1. I may be partial, but this A-Frame Lodge set by Playmobil is particularly cute.

2. Colorku: Like Soduku, but instead of using numbers to solve the puzzles, Colorku uses brightly colored wooden balls. Bonus: it looks nice when (inevitably) left out on the table. (Also at Uncommon Goods)

3. Books are a no-fail choice! Consider a book about them: I loved the Dr. Seuss My Book about Me when I was a kid. There are other cute options of this sort: Me, A Compendium (pictured); Me Museum; or All About Marvelous Me!  Take your pick!

4. Know someone who is just starting to write his or her own stories? Gift them a blank Comic Book. (Graphic novels like Dogman and Captain Underpants are all the rage in our house right now, and could pair well.)

5. Kids would be happy to get any one of the amazing Kid Made Modern Craft Kits—consider this new Make-a-Mask set or the entire Arts & Crafts Library kit.

6. There’s good reason why the magician’s shop is still open at Disneyland: kids love to surprise and perform. This magic kit is well-suited to beginners. (Here’s one for older kids.)

7. My favorite thing is discovering new games that the kids are excited to play. Zingo is Skyler’s current favorite (she can play it with her friends). For older kids, try Perfection (a pick from my childhood) or Rush Hour (an absolute classic), or Catan—the junior edition!

8. How cute is this Dyson Vacuum for Kids? It has the popping balls they love, but it really works!

9. These Body Magnets them see how they’re put together. All of the anatomy is labeled in 9 different languages. (P.S. This company, Janod, makes lots of great Magnet toys.)

10. Fort Magic is a 354 Piece Fort Building & Construction Toy Kit with endless possibilities. It’s a bit of an investment, but the reviews are glowing!

11. If your kids are enticed by Chewing Gum, give them a lesson in making their own: The Chewing Gum Lab.

12. I’ve sung their praises before: Brio Pull Along Toys are so well made and young children love them! (The Dachsund is classic, and I can vouch for its staying upright at nearly all speeds, but there’s also a bee, a duck, a helicopter… )

13. Door Pong: Like Ping Pong without the table. The best part? You can play it alone, too.

14. The Balance Bike really does make learning to ride a bike a breeze. However, it can be hard to find cute ones that are still appropriately lightweight at a good value. This one fits the bill!

15. Folkmanis Puppets are made in the Bay Area and are the best quality plush puppets!  Skyler would love that fluffy cat or the snowy owl.

16. We’ve been getting into clay recently. Hey Clay would be a great starter set. And if you want to try making a stop-action movie with it, there’s an app for that!

17. The whole family will be involved in this Circus Jigsaw. Otherwise, here are two more circus-themed puzzles just for kids: a 54 piece for 5-8 year olds or a cube puzzle, perfect for a first puzzle at ages 2-5.

18. A Toy Coffee Maker would liven up any toy kitchen.

19. Nailpolish for little ones: super-gentle, water-based formulas that don’t need removers— just use hot water and soap, or take them off right in the bath!

20. Looking for Dress-up supplies that aren’t tied to specific character? This set has accessories for a Princess, Unicorn, Superhero, Mermaid and an Angel.

21. Magnatiles continue to be one of my top gift suggestions, year after year. They’re an investment, but totally worth it. Love these cheerful, opaque ones.

22. Our friends have this mini Air Hockey Table and all of our children (from a pre-K to a Junior high kid) play together on it.

23. Second, something to indulge their exploratory side, like: Elephants on Tour (Where’s Waldo-esque title, set in different cities); The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid (pictured); or National Parks of the U.S. 

24. They’ll look more delicious than ever! An Ice Cream Sundae or Bacon and Eggs sweater from Crewcuts. (Sorry, Sold Out.)

What are the children in your life asking for this year? 

The best children’s gifts are timeless enough to please year after year. If these ideas aren’t working, take a look at these gift guide from the past few years: 2017—I carry a couple of those multi-color crayons in my purse at all times;  2016—Hudson took that camera all over Italy this summer; 2015—I bet the kids would enjoy that little fairy door!

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