One Month

We decided that Hudson should sit on the couch with his elephant friend for his monthly photos. Thank you to those of you who added some suggestions last week! I swear I’ll narrow it down to just one at some point soon, but I just love all of these so much. And we’ve watched the video we took about a dozen times already (even though the very same baby is actually in the room). It’s just so incredible–and endearing–to watch him as he begins to really look around and (holding his head up for just a little while) engage with his surroundings.

Of course the price for all of this progress (and growth–he’s up over 25% from his birth weight already!) has been a more demanding week of cluster feedings and crying. We hear there is another corner to be turned in that regard around week six and we’re crossing our fingers it’s true. Still, it’s amazing how much easier it is to wake up when he looks at us with that sweet face before squirming up toward our necks (or across my chest toward my heart) to get as close and tucked in as possible.

Or when he pees on Aron. That’s pretty awesome, too.

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