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Clothing without pockets is a bit of a pet-peeve.

I’ve always favored fuller skirts with pockets, and I actually think it’s a bit criminal to leave them out—especially as it doesn’t disturb the silhouette. I’ve been gently teased over my enthusiasm for the appendages in dressing rooms: “And it has pockets!” Because it usually means I’m justifying an otherwise unnecessary purchase. But there was an interesting article in The Atlantic a little while back that fully supports my position on this matter.

Tanya Basu’s “The Gender Politics of Pockets” uses the latest (larger) iPhone size as the jump-off point to argue that a lack of pockets may actually be holding women back—forcing them to grab a purse if heading to lunch or a meeting with colleagues. Whether or not this is a factor in determining equality in the workplace is of course up for debate, but certainly women’s clothing should account for both form and function.

So, in light of that—and the possibility that you might be considering your closet for the upcoming holidays—here are some favorite items that mix (feminine) form and function: skirts with pockets.

Above: Zara Midi Skirt / Zara (detail) / JCrew Pleated Skirt / Madewell Satin Pleated Midi / Zara Midi Skirt (I have this one in pink; it’s the same one I wore in this post)

Skirts with Pockets

Above, left to right:  
 Chelsea 29 Full Circle Midi / JOA Pleated Long Skirt / Boden Flock Spot Ponte Skirt / Banana Republic Jacquard Midi Skirt / Horses Atelier Tie Skirt / Boden British Tweed Mini / JOA Pleated Long Skirt / Chelsea 28 Full Pleat Skirt / Hanna Andersson High Waist Skirt

P.S. This tunic has pockets! Also, fall boots to pair with a midi-length skirt.

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