Hold The Phone! Life-changing iPhone Tip (& Friday Links)

Last week, I read something life-changing. Apparently, this iPhone feature has been around since 2015, but I just discovered (via My Modern Met), that if you want to edit a text message (think misspelled words, auto-correct errors, etcetera) you just have to click and hold the space bar to move the cursor instead of trying to drag the cursor itself with your finger. The entire keyboard will go blank and essentially turn into a trackpad.

Have you tried it? Life. Changing.

Here are some more links of note…

Get in ma’ belly. (Reminds me of this!)

How to Raise a Sweet Son in an Era of Angry Men

And Catherine Newman’s wonderful piece on raising teenage boys.

How two New Yorkers erased millions in medical debt for strangers.

Identifying where you should put your time: First Things First.

However, I could lose so much time looking at ways to get organized. This kind of product site is my Kryptonite.

Remember Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person”—the New Yorker story that inundated the Internet last December? The author’s debut collection of short stories is coming out.

Garlands to make or buy.

My kids would flip!

Lives lost in U.S. nuclear tests.

Troy Patterson’s favorite TV shows this year. What was yours?

Also, the movies list. 

Love the bow-cinched waist!

Finally, we had our bookclub gift exchange last night and it’s always so interesting to see what gets stolen the most! The winning gifts were: These earrings, this cookbook (with a bottle of soy sauce), this memoir, and a Full Belly Farm wreath by Hannah Muller. (Also a gorgeous white blanket, but I don’t know the source.)

Do you do any group gift exchanges? I’d be curious to know what was most popular at yours.

P.S. All of this year’s gift guides. And a must-know setting for your iPhone if you hand it over to your kids sometimes.

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