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The kids had today off for a teacher work-day—making this a sort of surprise four-day-weekend. It was a surprise because every other year they’ve done it the Monday before Veterans day… alas a trip to Monterey last weekend, for which we took the kids out of school. Whoops! But we’re content to stay close to home this weekend—there will be birthday parties and farmer’s markets and I’ve signed the kids up (with some nudging) for a choir workshop on the holiday.

I was reading through my feed and there are so many black Friday sale notices mixed in with the Veteran’s holiday ones. That and all of the notices about Oprah announcing her holiday list, plus all of the catalogues pouring in can be so overwhelming! I know I will be gearing up for gift guides myself, so I’m not one to talk, but it’s hard not to get swept up in the pressure to shop—earlier and earlier. I read somewhere that having Thanksgiving fall so close to the end of the month cuts down the retail season—which cuts significantly into retail margins—and that’s why all of the added effort to move things up. I definitely feel it.

I’m curious, how much do you plan ahead for all of these big sales?

Enjoy the long weekend! And some links…

Best place to make a photo book? A friend recently conducted an informal online poll and had some new-to-me sources, like Mixbook, and Collage. Where have you made great photo books—with ease? (We’ve made some great photo gifts from Pinhole and Shutterfly in the past.)

A pre-holiday reminder from the Girl Scouts. Your kids don’t owe grownups hugs.

This advice is about wedding season (it’s spring in Australia), but could apply to our winter holiday season, too.

The Picky-Eaters Club

Next time I think I need to pick up flowers, I’m doing this.

China’s first National Park. (Tangentially, the kids and I watched Abominable today and it was lovely! Made me want to plan a trip to China.)

Gah, she’s great.

Intrigued! Our next book club pick.

25 women on how they manage their email inbox.

My friend Mister Rogers

I’m a sucker for a cocoon coat.

Because the hunt for the perfect jean never ends.

Loved this link from A Cup of Jo today: Why it’s hard to fake kids’ drawings. “It seems to me that children, when they are drawing, are pushing the very edge of their abilities, while adults, when trying to mimic children’s drawings, are holding back somehow.”

What does “middle-class” income look like to some families?

Observance of laws ‘depends largely on a sense of integrity and voluntary compliance.‘”

From the editorial board at The Washington Post. We are still coming to know the extent of the cruelty.

Thank you for all the enthusiastic support—it meant a lot! Also, from this week’s post, don’t forget to enter to win this book by leaving an Instagram comment. (The odds are favorable!)

Finally, thinking ahead about gift guides and the like, what content are you looking forward to in these next couple of months? Any specific fashion requests or queries for holiday tips, for example? Thank you!

[My photo of Shake Shack, which is opening in Sacramento soon!]

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