Thanksgiving frills: Special-occasion tops

When it comes to dressing for Thanksgiving—and really all of the dinner dates and gatherings that tend to happen around this time of year—it’s more likely that I’ll reach for a special top to pair with pants than I will a dress.

Lately, I’ve been loving all of the silky, frilly, high-collared options cropping up, so here are some favorites of those—and some others I’d like to add to my closet for the holiday season. (I may have gotten a bit carried away.)

I discovered, while looking around, that I would happily Add-to-Cart just about everything at Sézane right now, but my favorites were possibly their Kelly Blouse and Colette Blouse.

I also loved the Mirta Blouse, Louisie Blouse, and all the ribbon-neck details like Laurya Shirt and Fox Shirt.

This Rebecca Taylor blouse combines lots of my favorite elements, but it would be a definite splurge.

I believe this Cecile Copenhagen Top (also shown up top) is sold out now at Madewell, but Farfetch had a few left.

Other favorites from Madewell included their Banjanan Tie-Neck Ruffle Top,  Velvet Wrap top , and the Clipdot Ruffle Top.

Many of the tops at Shop Dôen fit this search—for example, the Hardy Top.

& Other Stories didn’t have much in the high-collar category, but I liked the options they carried in this Jacquard print—I especially like the Duo Button Wrap Blouse. There was also a subtly plaid Gathered Puff Sleeve Blouse that caught my eye.

Both Boden and Topshop carry some lovely options—like Boden’s Alberta Ruffle (in soft jersey) and Topshop’s Ruffled Yoke. And Mango, whose Check Cotton Blouse is pictured here, is having a 30%-off sale today.

Wayf makes their Erika Puff Sleeve top in velvet.

A few others I found include a long-sleeved top by Keepsake and a high-neck blouse by Kiernan. I also sort of love this over-the-top bow—check out the photos of the top paired with a matching skirt (plaid) or a check suit (red).

For occasions you’re going to be spending most of the time sitting around the table, why not have a little fun with some waist-up frills?

Any favorites? What do you think about this trend toward Victorian blouses and pussycat bows? 

P.S. What’s Your Thanksgiving Day Style?  Some more ideas for what to wear. And my fall wish list.

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