How to make your own Caftan


We’re back from Hawaii, and I loved using my new Caftan. (Though admittedly it was hot at times, and I could see how the shorter version might be more practical—if only my legs were my favorite feature!)

A few people mentioned that caftans are easy to make, with simple lines to cut and sew. It makes perfect sense—which really makes one wonder why they all have to be so darn expensive? Incidentally, both Emerson Fry lengths are on sale now.

Summer may be ending for many of us, but I know I’ll be seeking out a beach again come winter. I found two great tutorials for the more sewing-inclined of you…

Caftan DIY

Toronto-based Yvonne, of the blog Choo Cha, made herself this beautiful caftan and recommends looking at Indian fabric shops for a good source (bolts sold “for the purpose of making punjabi suits or sarees are usually about 6m of fabric”).

Read her instructions. I imagine you could make a short or long version for yourself depending on your preference.

DIY Caftan

Alternatively, Martha Stewart has a tutorial for a beach cover-up (shown at top) that takes a bit more of a poncho-shape but which could also be in keeping with the look. You’ll need two light scarves to sew together. Follow the link to read her simple instructions.

More beach cover-ups.

[Photos from top: Butterfly Caftan via Emerson Fry; DIY Caftan via Choo Cha Handmade; collage via Martha Stewart and Ashley Muir Bruhn]

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