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"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals


My favorite moment from this year’s Golden Globes came behind the scenes (so to speak), when our friend Meredith did a Q&A with Hudson on the red carpet (it was, indeed, at our friend’s house on a red carpet). To Hudson: “Who are you wearing?” “I don’t know,” he replied as he lifted his shirt and looked toward his belly button. “Who made your pants?” And with that, he turns around, drops his trousers, and reveals his bum in his underoos: “A Dragon!”

Otherwise, I’m a fan of anyone who wears that gorgeous canary yellow color. Though the all-time winner continues to be, for me, Michelle Williams in that stunning yellow Vera Wang gown at the 2006 Oscars.

Any plans for the long weekend? We’re headed to Tahoe with friends and hoping for some snow. And perhaps I’ll make a half-birthday cake for Hudson, who turns 3-1/2. (Time to take that photo!)

If you’re around, here are some items of note… 

Check out this winter coat barometer Natalie made for walking around New York City. Spot on. (And I’d add: I go to the puffer coat pretty quick, because you can take it off inside a hot, crowded restaurant and instantly cool down. Too many layers can be a pain!)

I haven’t spent much time in Santa Barbara since Aron and I lived in Southern California. This has me longing for a return-trip. (Also, more on taking a babymoon.)

Though I’m still not at all down with (intentionally) sitting apart on airplanes, I’m taking note of plenty of this fantastic advice. (Some previous tips.)

The “Modern Love” columns in the Times are always great, but this one is especially fascinating: how to fall in love with anyone.

(Hint: Ask each other these 36 questions.)

I’ve never knew I could enjoy someone’s air guitar so much.

Bridget (who just had baby #2!) is rounding up ideas for indoor play during the winter. Anything to add?

Happy Birthday, Elvis. Here’s what to eat in his honor.

This video of an editorial meeting at Charlie Hebdo made me feel so sad about what’s been lost. (And yet it makes me wish more op-docs like this were coming out of other places where tragedy needs a face—like Nigeria.)

And finally, thank you for your replies to my query last week! I’m taking notes.

Have a great weekend!

[Photos: Michelle Williams / Emma Stone / Naomi Watts / Rosamund Pike / Lena Dunham / Leslie Mann]

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