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It’s been rainy here today. (The kind of day that sends me and the toddler to Ikea. Just for fun.) So I’m looking ahead (and luckily, here, that just means to next week) to summer sandals again. Have you been eyeing those Sweedish Hasbeens at Madewell? I love mine; they’re super-high and flattering, but super-pricey, too. I just spotted these nearly exact lookalikes from Swedish company, Lotta From Stockholm

, that you can order on Amazon for less than half the price.

P.S. Zappos sells the Hasbeens–with a slightly shorter heel–for less than Madewell. I hear the Natural color develops a nice patina with wear. And if you’re not quite ready for bare feet? Try these.

[top: Madewell Sweedish Hasbeens Super-high Peep-toe; bottom: Lotta From Stockholm

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