Pimm’s Cup, cocktail or mocktail

It seems more often that I find myself looking for drinks that can be made both with alcohol and without. My favorite for warmer, longer days (which I realize might still seem far off for some) is a variation on the Pimm’s cup that I first had over brunch at Jo’s in New York. Theirs is a mix of muddled cucumber, strawberry, ginger ale, and Pimm’s No.1, but Seven-Up stands in nicely for the Pimm’s.

And I’ve posted about Jo’s before, but I can’t help but share some favorite photos I came across when searching out this cocktail. It’s worth checking out for brunch if you’re in Manhattan. I always loved the way the light looked in there on grey days. Good pancakes helped, too.

Update: Sad new. Jo’s closed its doors this summer. 

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