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We’ve had a few late season storms come through but it’s looking pretty spring-like in Davis right now. The trees are all flowering—including the almond trees in the many of the fields just beyond. We’ll likely drive into the Capay valley on Sunday to appreciate them before they fade. (These remain some of my favorite photos of the kids in one of the nearby orchards.)

Hudson has a tryout for little league that morning. It really frustrates me how everything but school seems to be ramping up right now, but I’m happy for the kids that there are opportunities to play. There’s some talk that we might get the kids back to school for a few hours a week in a hybrid model this year, but hope is slim and most are looking ahead to whether or not they’ll be back in the fall.

Aron and I are hoping to go on a new hike in Sonoma on Saturday, and I’ve been going over this list. Long walks and hikes are my new favorite thing… mostly as a way to get out during the week on my own, but this has led to more family hikes, too.

Also this weekend, the Golden Globes are on Sunday. Will you watch? We didn’t do a great job on the movies, but we’ve seen most of the TV this year! Go figure. (The Great remains a top pick, but there were so many wonderful shows.) We’re actually a bit at a loss for what our next one should be…

What are you looking forward to? Enjoy the weekend!

Some links of note…

“Between March and December last year, the organization Stop Asian American and Pacific Islander Hate…recorded nearly 3,000 reports of anti-Asian hate incidents nationwide. The New York City Police Department also reported a 1,900% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes last year.”

Regarding separated children at the border, still without their parents–whom we can’t find:  Finally some progress, but I wish we could go faster. It’s almost as if the previous administration wasn’t trying…

Think about this tweet often as I consider reading another article about how mothers are overburdened right now.

Parents, in general, really.

Radiohead and ballet, together.

Some simple recipes to try. (I’ve been loving sheet-pan sausage and mushrooms lately, by the way.)

Who is excited about the new Billie Eilish documentary?! [Raises hand]

Love all the dusty pink options.

I haven’t had much occasion for makeup, but I needed a new tube of my favorite mascara by Glossier, so I tried the cloud paint in a really orangey color (dawn) and I think it’s going to be the key to my faking some summer glow. (Their skin tint and balmdotcom are also favorites.)

Flowers spilling out of Mister Softee trucks.

There’s a new education program from the creators of Hamilton, the musical.

Bookmarking to watch later, James Corden and Prince Harry

Also bookmarking these two reads, recommended to me by others:

“What if we have forgotten how to socialise?

Ann Patchett’s essay, “These Precious Days.”

[Photo of @TwoPinesTahoe from a few years back/Airbnb]


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