What’s your “good for you, not for me” fashion?

Remember when skinny jeans became a mainstream thing? It was all straight leg, boot cut, or flare, and then all of the sudden the tide changed. I thought I’d never switch. “Good for you, not for me.”

But never say never.

“‘The punk revival has to have been the beginning of it,” Jane Shepherdson, the chief executive of Whistles, told The Guardian in an interview on the trend. “I was a big Clash fan. That’s when I wore them the first time around. I remember them getting narrower and narrower and thinking I could hardly get my feet in.'” Shepherdson was the brand director at Topshop in 2005 when the skinny jean first arrived on the British mainstream scene.

I remember when that started to happen. One would see Kate Moss dashing through an airport in ballet flats and a just-so fit in a magazine, and it was hard to imagine that the style was going to be as well suited to the rest of us. For a few years, despite their takeover, I steered clear. I was a late adopter and specifically remember wearing my first pair (black AGs) on a summer night in New York.

For the last year or two, I’ve been having the same reaction to the raw hem denim trend. Good for you, not for me.

But it’s at an odd tipping point where I at once feel a little silly wearing a pair (like, I’m too old for frayed hems), and a little dated if I don’t. Are they fresh or are they trying too hard?

But I surprised myself at Madewell a few weeks ago by really liking a particularly extreme-feeling pair, these cali demi-boot with destructed hems (i.e. frayed flares). The fit is just so great!

Never say never.

I wore them all weekend around Disneyland. And I only worried a few times that it looked like I was supposed to be working the ferry to Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Are you totally on board with the raw hems? Or are you, ahem, wading in? I think they’re here to stay.

What’s your “Good for you, not for me” trend? 

P.S. Flowery dresses for spring and summer sandals.

[Denim pictured all from Madewell: Top (1)—cali demi-boot jeans: inset edition; (2) cali demi-boot with destructed hems; (3) cali demi-boot with asymmetrical hem; (4) high-rise slim boyjean: knee-rip edition.]



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