Flowery Dresses for Spring

I tend to reach for jeans or joggers on most days, sticking to a fairly routine uniform of blues and whites and blacks, but something about all of these trees in bloom around here has been making me wish for more flowery, flowing dresses.

Here are some that I think could be worn casually for spring…

First of all, ever since finding this one at Anthropologie a few years back, that’s usually where I start. It’s by their label, Moulinette Soeurs, so every now and then I find they’ve made something in a similar cut if not a similar print. This one is looks beautiful, if more bold.

This Leslie Dress keeps the flowers to embroidered silhouettes, but it’s so lovely!

I’d probably wear a longer slip under this beautiful chiffon tulip dress by Eve Franco.

Madewell has a long sleeve maxi dress featuring a delicate print called Nightflower. (They also have an Ulla Johnson collaboration on sale, but only in a few sizes.)

Of course, the queen of feminine dresses these days is Dôen. I keep coming back to their Carnation Dress in the Anemone print, or in toffee.

And Boden is always a favorite source for dresses. I’ve been eyeing this Winifred dress since the holidays, but even on sale it’s on the pricier side.


The sybil shirt dress is another nice option—I really like the mixing of patterns.

Do you have any dresses you’re considering adding for spring? Where do you look first if you’re shopping for a new one? 

I’d be curious to see this dress for traveling. I’m guessing the material would be hardy, and the first reviewer’s pictures in one of the patterns are awesome. Though the long sleeves on this one are nice.

P.S. More style posts: like jumpers and onesies, and favorite rain gear.

[Top two images from last Mother’s Day at Scribe Winery; all others are from their respective links]


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